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Caleb Williams Talks About Changing His Look For the NFL Draft and Why He Won’t Get a Haircut


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We already know where Caleb Williams is going to end up, come draft day. But what is he going to look like on the fateful day? Well, this exact question came up during his recent appearance on the Pivot podcast.

While referencing his current more rustic look, Ryan Clark asked the top-level QB prospect whether fans can expect any changes in his appearance on draft day. Caleb Williams, always the fashionista, is in somewhat of an in-between phase right now, as far as his hair is concerned. With an unruly beard and overgrown mane, the Trojans QB admittedly did not look draft-ready. But that’s going to change as he said,

“I’m going to keep my hair. I’m trying to grow my hair back out. I used to have super long hair when I was younger. So I’m growing it back out to longer than it was when I was playing in college. But I will have a shape up on my beard to be nice and trim and everything. So I’ll look first-overall ready.”

What Will Caleb Williams Wear on Draft Day?

Caleb Williams has shaken up the NFL world with his “fashion,” which has included a dress for a magazine shoot and pink nails at a basketball game. Not exactly pushing the boundaries of fashion here but it’s still been a lot to digest for some football fans. However, he’s piqued the intrigue so much so that those fans were making outlandish claims about what he’ll be wearing on draft day, weeks before the fateful event.

Some outlandish outfit ideas included a full-length ruffly dress vis a vis Young Thug’s album cover look from his 2016 mixtape. Another was an AI-generated video of the 22-year-old in a leopard print jacket and pink pants. From laughing at the pink pant leopard combo to saying “Wait til; yall see draft day suit and my ladies dress,” in response to the Young Thug reference, as per the Guardian, Williams has taken all the shots fired at him in stride. And whatever he chooses to wear or how he decides to style his hair, he’s still going to look like the first overall pick.

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