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Cam Newton Reveals if He Will Step Back From His Youth Football Program After the Fight

Samnur Reza

Cam Newton Reveals if He Will Step Back From His Youth Football Program After the Fight

All hell broke loose in the NFL world last Sunday when footage of a scuffle between former Panthers QB Cam Newton and two other individuals surfaced online. Initially, fans and pundits alike believed that Newton was in conflict with students, but later, it was revealed that the two individuals, TJ Brown and Steph Brown, were coaches of the opposing team — Top Shelf Performance (TSP). Those who were involved in this altercation were removed from the event, and soon speculation arose if we would ever get to see the former NFL star at these youth tourneys. Fret not; Cam himself has recently come out with a response.

During his first appearance on the ‘4th & 1‘ podcast since the incident, Cam Newton was asked if he is still committing to the 7v7 and youth sports. Without skipping a beat, the ex-Panthers man affirms, “Absolutely!” Newton stressed that he enjoys contributing his time to these programs, and noted that he began doing so around 13-14 years ago. This is Newton’s “way of giving back” to the community.

The Auburn Tigers alum then noted that kids are profoundly inspired by playing in these tournaments — whether on his team or against him. He sees reflections of his younger self in these aspiring athletes, as he too was once vying to go big and make pro. And, more than football, he enjoys hanging out with these kids, as simple as traveling in buses and spending quality time in the Airbnb they rent.

He also seems to regret his recent actions, as he went on to address the youngsters who look up to him and advised them, “If you no longer can play this game, make it be because of the Cam Newton way,” followed by, “Somebody think that I cannot play at the level that — is subjective… It’s not doing dumb sh*t that I did this past week.

Cam Newton Adds Context to the Brawl at 7v7 Tourney

In another segment of this same podcast, Cam Newton revealed that the two individuals who attacked him used to work for his organization — C1N. While he didn’t specify reasons for the scuffle, the Heisman winner conveyed that these youngsters admire and aspire to be like their coaches in the future. Hence, he expressed disappointment that such an incident should never have happened.

Fans and pundits alike heavily criticized the TSP coaches, who were involved in the brawl. From Shannon Sharpe and Chad Johnson to Robert Griffin III, Mina Kimes, and many more voiced their disappointment over the incident.

Nonetheless, TJ Brown and his brother Steph, during their chat with Beat ATL, stressed that Newton was the one who instigated the whole thing. They asserted that the C1N coach spoke provocatively and flaunted his money for a wager without any proper reason.

However, fans were quick to find out that Brown was the one who first threw shade at Newton in a now-deleted Instagram story on TCP’s page. He can be heard taunting Newton and saying, “Non-throwing ass Atlanta hero quarterback cannot beat me.

Time and time again, Newton has stressed that these programs are a medium for him to give back to the community. He aspires to continue doing so in the future, despite the unnecessary scuffle. Surely, we will see more of him off the field in the coming years.

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