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“Can’t Unsee It Now”: Fans Find Caitlin Clark’s Looks Eerily Similar to Aaron Rodgers on Her Draft Day Appearance

Anushree Gupta

"Can't Unsee It Now": Fans Find Caitlin Clark's Looks Eerily Similar to Aaron Rodgers on Her Draft Day Appearance

It’s hard to please everyone even for someone like Caitlin Clark with leading scores and an unmatched place in collegiate basketball. Clark is gradually becoming a new phenomenon in the basketball world with her collegiate achievements and as the No. 1 pick in the 2024 WNBA Draft. However, despite her stunning appearance in an all-Prada outfit at the draft, fans found a way to entertain themselves with jokes about her looks.

Appearing at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York City on Monday, the new Indiana Fever addition dazzled in a Prada ensemble, a first for any basketball player in the draft. She appeared on the Red Carpet (captured by US Weekly) in a satin white shirt and mini skirt pair from Prada, a charcoal gray shimmery tube crop top, a black bag and pumps, and her signature smile.

Though a stunner, fans’ imaginations ran wild, comparing Caitlin Clark’s face to a young Aaron Rodgers. Sounds unsettling, right? But not for the fans, who filled the comment section with unpleasant reactions, even calling her manly.

Despite the buzz about her looks, her achievements deserve more limelight than ever, especially with the high-rated draft. Caitlin Clark became the preseason Big Ten Player of the Year and Unanimous AP preseason All-America selection before she stepped into her final college year. Though Iowa missed a national championship, she became the program’s all-time leading scorer. She also had the Sporting News Athlete of the Year laurel, sharing it with LSU’s Angel Reese. She is a national leader with a 27-point per-game average, 8 assists per game, and a total of 257 assists. Despite the long list, her latest achievement of becoming the top pick in the 2024 WNBA Draft, stands out.

Caitlin Clark and Indiana Fever Agree on Outrageous Number

Caitlin Clark has dreamed of playing the pros since her second grade. On Monday, Indiana Fever stepped in to acquire the top leader in men’s and women’s college basketball and painted Clark’s dream into reality. However, the superstar will make a fraction of her male counterparts under a four-year, $338,056 contract with the Indiana Fever. The numbers, when accounted for, come down to a base salary of a mere $76,535 for her first year, finally accruing to $97,582 under the WNBA’s collective bargaining agreement.

As a leader in men’s and women’s college basketball, a figure who endorses top-notch brands like Nike and Gatorade, and the first overall pick in the draft, Caitlin Clark’s contract numbers don’t fit well for many. Not letting it slide, NFL stars, like many others, reacted to the gloomy reality on Spotrac’s post via X, formerly known as Twitter. “Damn. Not even making practice squad money,” wrote Will Compton, who couldn’t fathom the contract numbers.

Another reaction came from Russell Wilson, who is known to support other athletes across sports. “These ladies deserve so much more… Praying for the day,” wrote the Steelers quarterback, who was drafted at $749,176 (almost ten times) per year, back in 2012.

But, for now, it is what it is. This doesn’t, however, eclipse what Caitlin Clark has achieved over the years and what she’s capable of doing in the pros. As Clark steps into the pros, she brings her explosiveness and new hope to Indiana Fever, making the next few seasons particularly crucial for her and the league’s growth.

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