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Colin Cowherd Draws Intriguing Comparisons Between ‘Outward Popular’ Russell Wilson & ‘Inside Man’ Aaron Rodgers, After Broncos’ Soul Crushing Defeat

Prasenjeet Singh

Russell Wilson' Massive $245,000,000 Contract & 'Lack of Juice' are the Biggest Issues for Broncos in Colin Cowherd's Eyes

The Denver Broncos recently lost to the mighty Miami Dolphins in a totally one-sided 20-70 game. The mammoth defeat did not look good on Russell Wilson and Sean Payton who were already being doubted by many. Interestingly, this led Colin Cowherd to draw intriguing comparisons between ‘Outward Popular’ Russell Wilson and ‘Inside Man’ Aaron Rodgers.

In his latest episode of ‘The Volume’, Cowherd hinted at the tumultuous locker room issues with the Denver Broncos’ quarterback who, in the analyst’s opinion, is popular outside the locker room, whereas Jets’ veteran Aaron Rodgers is popular inside the locker room.

Colin Cowherd Draws Interesting Comparison Between Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers

Russell Wilson’s image inside the locker has been less popular than outside, reckons Colin. Resorting to the same premise, Cowherd on the new episode of The Volume drew an intriguing comparison between Wilson and the New York Jets star Aaron Rodgers.

“So much of Russell Wilson’s legacy, his reality is locker room stuff. Russell has always been more popular out of the locker room than in it. Aaron Rodgers by the way, has often been popular in the locker room. But take some criticism out of it and that’s a real thing,” Cowherd said.

Colin Cowherd mentioned that the issues regarding Wilson may lead to the Denver Broncos dropping his name from their roster. He also delved into reasons as to why he thinks Russell’s departure would be unsurprising. He said,

“This was a big lift for Sean Payton. He had to change the culture, o-line, Russell Wilson and it’s not working and it’s getting worse. This sounds crazy but I wouldn’t be shocked if eventually Russell Wilson doesn’t start and they blow it up.”

The Denver Broncos are now off to a 0-3 season start. Meanwhile, reflecting on the mammoth loss, Russell Wilson fell short of words saying that he hasn’t experienced such an offense on a football field.

Colin Cowherd Predicts Sean Payton’s Personality to take Precedence Over Russell Wilson

Colin Cowherd further reflected on the differences in personalities between Russell Wilson and Sean Payton and how the coach will eventually prevail, in case there is a clash between him and his QB. He added that Wilson is conscious about his public appearance and Sean Payton is an unapologetic coach who needs to win. Colin stated,

“This is going to be a personality clash between Peyton and Russell Wilson and Peyton’s gonna win it. Sean Payton’s going to win this, it’s not going to be close.” 

Wilson has portrayed himself as an ambassador and statesman of the game. He has ventured into various off-field endeavors, reflecting aspirations that extend beyond his playing career. On the flip side, Sean Payton is known for his unfiltered and no-nonsense approach to coaching. At this point, the coach-QB duo hasn’t figured out a winning formula and if this continues, things are bound to bound to awry in Denver.

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