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Darnell Wright NFL Draft: Champion OT’s 2022 Stats Suggest That Bears Made the Right Call

Arjun Sukumaran

Darnell Wright NFL Draft: Champion OT’s 2022 Stats Suggest That Bears Made the Right Call

The Chicago Bears may have traded their #1 pick this year, but it seems they may not have lost much in terms of draft potential. Even with the 10th pick (after they traded their #9 to the Eagles), the Bears picked Tenessee Volunteers’ Darnell Wright. For many, this seems to be a massive win for the Bears, given the kind of talent and quality Wright brings to the table.

The Bears finished with the worst record last season and needed a lot of help on their offensive line side. With Wright, the Bears could begin to rebuild their offensive line in a manner that helps them win games.  Of course, Wright is only one piece of the entire puzzle. However, his stats seem to suggest that he could be the main piece going forward.

Darnell Wright set stunning stats during his senior season of college football

Playing for the Tennessee Volunteers football program, Darnell Wright had a great season last time around. In fact, that is the main reason why everyone thinks the Bears made the right choice. Wright, in around 895 snaps played, only let his QB get hit twice. Added to that, he made sure that his QB never got sacked the entire season. While the others in the O-Line surely helped, this one is being pinned on him.

The unanimous First Team All-SEC player also is versatile in his playstyle, given that he played both as a left and right tackle at Tennessee. Though his skills as a run blocker are being called into question, his pass-blocking abilities are the talk of the town. Added to that, his ability to protect the QB will be something Justin Fields will be very thankful for. Will Wright shine in Chicago?

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Arjun Sukumaran

Arjun Sukumaran


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