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“Deion Was Part-Time”: David Justice Reminisces About Coach Prime Playing Football and Baseball in the ’90s

Yagya Bhargava

“Deion Was Part-Time”: David Justice Reminisces About Coach Prime Playing Football and Baseball in the '90s

When it comes to playing two sports at the highest level and excelling in them, no name resonates quite like “Prime Time” Deion Sanders. The NFL legend didn’t just dabble in playing multiple sports — he mastered the act in ways even Bo Jackson couldn’t match, like suiting up for the Atlanta Braves and Falcons on the same day.

Recently, Sanders’ former Braves teammate David Justice opened up about that remarkable era on the “All Facts No Brakes” podcast with Keyshawn Johnson. Justice flatly rejected the narrative that Sanders’ dual-sport pursuits created a distraction within the club.

“We understood he was going to be part-time. So, whenever Deion could make it to the team, we loved having him — and when he couldn’t, we knew he was off playing football. It was never a problem with us at all. … The media tried to make it seem like he was a distraction, but that was never the case.,” Justice stated matter-of-factly.

While Sanders is widely revered as one of the greatest cornerbacks ever, his MLB skills hardly played second fiddle. Opposing teams legitimately feared his elite speed and capability to wreak havoc on the basepaths after he joined the Braves.

David Justice seemed to understand the herculean effort required to reach the highest level across two professional sports. It was incredible what Deion Sanders pulled off back then. Can one imagine anyone nowadays even attempting that kind of career?

In an age of increasing specialization, Sanders’ ability to remain elite in both football and baseball feels more superhuman by the day. With such unique talent, he managed to become a household name across the country.

An anomaly of athleticism that may never be replicated, despite the endless mythologizing of “the next Bo Jackson” with each new two-sport phenom. Deion did Bo one better, he was “Prime Time” all the time.

David Justice Revisits a Nostalgic Picture With Deion Sanders

During the podcast, David Justice was shown a candid photo capturing him and Deion Sanders in a jovial moment from their playing days in Atlanta. The image depicted the two stars doubled over in laughter, seemingly cracking up at some inside joke.

Justice went on to explain the significance of that particular snapshot’s timing. It was taken on the infamous day when a food heating unit malfunction caused part of Atlanta’s stadium press box to erupt in flames and smoke mid-game.

“Deion and I are doing what we always doing, cranking up laughing. Probably talking junk with each other and joking around.” David Justice reminisced about the lighthearted scene amidst the chaos.

At the time, both players and media poked fun at the fortuitous timing, cracking jokes that the flames and smoke were symbolic of the spark provided by the Braves’ recent acquisition of slugger Fred McGriff. As if the fire itself represented Atlanta, finally catching the competitive blaze needed to chase down the Giants atop the standings that season.

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