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Despite Receiving 40,000 Middle Fingers From Bills Fans, Patrick Mahomes Names One Fanbase More Hostile Than Them

Anushree Gupta

Despite Receiving 40,000 Middle Fingers From Bills Fans, Patrick Mahomes Names One Fanbase More Hostile Than Them

Greatness begets suffering, and for Patrick Mahomes, who asserted his place on the pedestal, his suffering includes becoming accustomed to facing hostility from opposing fanbases. Although it seemed like no hostility could ever match the fervor of the Bills Mafia, Mahomes has a better story in store.

Appearing on Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE podcast, Mahomes acknowledged the utmost disdain he faces from most Buffalo Bills fans.

“I think I saw 40,000 middle fingers on the way into the stadium,” Mahomes added.

During the Chiefs’ playoff clash with the Bills, Mahomes endured a barrage of snowballs and a sea of middle fingers from passionate Buffalo fans. However, he also revealed that he has faced an even more hostile reception from the Oakland Raiders’ faithful. Answering if the most intense fan bases exist on the East Coast, Patrick Mahomes noted,

“You definitely didn’t go to the Oakland Raiders.”

Yet, the ruling Super Bowl champ has accepted that football is a sport of great passion, and fan love or hate comes with it. Hence, he also remarked,

“It’s a hostile environment, but it’s part of football.”

Regardless of the hostility he faces from opposing fans, Patrick Mahomes remains steadfast in his commitment to elevating his game. He is now eyeing the historic three-peat for his team, which will cement his presence amongst other NFL greats. Hence, considering Mahomes’ importance to the Chiefs, it is quite evident that he would be at the center of their rivalry against the Raiders.

Patrick Mahomes At Center of Chiefs-Raiders NFL Rivalry

While Mahomes specifically singled out the Raiders fans for their hostility, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Las Vegas Raiders share a flaming rivalry. This rivalry has been a part of NFL history since the inception of the American Football League (AFL) in 1960 and has been marked by intense matchups as well as fierce competition.

While the rivalry has witnessed several incredible plays on the field, the most memorable moments can be traced back to fan encounters. In 2019, boos echoed through the stadium as the Raiders faced a crushing defeat at the hands of the Chiefs, marking a disappointing turn of events for the home team.

Fast forward to 2021, tensions peaked as the Raiders heartlessly stomped on the Chiefs’ logo during pregame warm-ups at Arrowhead Stadium. Despite the lack of an official rule against such an action, the move drew anger from Chiefs players and fans alike.

Similarly, this year, the Raiders fans were left incensed when the Chiefs’ logo adorned their own locker room at Allegiant Stadium for the Super Bowl with many reacting brazenly over it on social media.

At the center of this storied rivalry stands Patrick Mahomes, who has been able to establish the Chiefs’ supremacy in the AFC West. His impact on the field has intensified the rivalry, and now with the approaching three-peat, the stakes could be sky-high for all we know.

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