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Even $260 Million QB Lamar Jackson Couldn’t Trump the Great Jim Brown in the “Youngest to Win MVP” Race

Deepesh Nair

Even enigmatic Lamar Jackson couldn't Trump Jim Brown in the Youngest to Win MVP Race

When it comes to the GOAT debate, former running back Jim Brown remains an undisputed entity on the leaderboard. While the entire country mourns his death, fans have been looking into the numerous accolades he earned during an illustrious nine-year playing career in the NFL. His run for the MVP title in his debut season and the year after that, allowed him to create a very special record, one that even Lamar Jackson, who recently became the highest earning QB in the league after signing $260 Million contract, wasn’t able to break.

Brown was 87 when he passed away in his Los Angeles home on Thursday night. He breathed his last alongside his wife, Monique Brown. His demise left innumerable people across the globe teary-eyed. Jim’s incredible achievements in the gridiron, and Hollywood will be remembered by his admirers for a long to come.

Even Lamar Jackson couldn’t surpass Jim Brown

When the Ravens quarterback was unanimously voted for MVP honors in 2019, fans believed that he was the youngest player in history to bag this achievement. However, they were absolutely wrong. As it turns out, 62 years ago, Brown sculpted this record in his rookie season at 22 years of age.

On the other hand, Jackson was 23 years and 25 days old when he became eligible for the MVP honors. While Lamar does hold the tag of the “youngest player” to win MVP in the 21st century, overall, the benchmark Brown ended up setting is just impossible to breach.

Jim played from 1957 to 1965 in the NFL after the Cleveland Browns selected him as the 6th overall pick. The Syracuse product showcased his grit and resilience by winning back-to-back MVPs and scripted the record for most rushing yards, and touchdowns in the league. He rushed for 1,527 yards and registered 17 touchdowns in his rookie season.

Jim’s graph never went down, in fact, he never missed a single game all these years until he sought retirement from the league. He was just 30 when he decided to bid adieu to his favorite sport.

NFL commissioner pens down a heartfelt note for Jim Brown

Jim Brown was more than just a football player. He aced all the fields he decided to set his foot in. After retiring from the NFL, he made a career in Hollywood and showcased his sensational acting skills. His love-making scene with Raquel Welch in 1969 still holds a special place in the history books because it ultimately revolutionized the film industry. Reminiscing about all those great moments, Roger Goodell released a touching statement after Monique Brown confirmed the death of her husband.

In the later stages of his life, Brown engaged in activism and represented the entire African-American community. His fight for equality often made headlines and became a subject of national discussion. Unfortunately, the only things that are now left are his memories and a great legacy left behind for his followers to cherish.

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