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Fans Poke Fun At Joe Burrow’s Backless Suit In Paris Fashion Week Runway

Anushree Gupta

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Joe Burrow, the Bengals quarterback who is easily an NFL heartthrob, recently made waves by stepping onto the runway at Paris Fashion Week. With his young and handsome quarterback image, it was no less than a treat for fans to see him in a high-fashion setting. However, his designer attire set the internet ablaze with reactions to this unexpected moment.

Dressed in a backless black suit with satin lapels by designer Peter Do, Burrow’s sharp look, without an inner shirt, gave off a smoky vibe. Burrow in a word with The Vogue described it as a significant step out of his comfort zone along with a moment of personal growth for the usually football-focused star.


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While many fans enjoyed Joe Burrow’s sultry appearance, it did not come without its fair share of playful jabs. Many questioned the look with humorous comments on the missing back. Others were plain and hilarious as Burrow and Jefferson walked side by side in Paris.

Despite the mixed bag of reactions, Joe Burrow’s daring fashion choice has certainly added an interesting chapter to his off-field persona. Beyond the humor, his choice leaves fans eagerly awaiting his next move both on and off the field.

Joe Burrow and Travis Kelce Loot Praises In Europe

NFL stars Joe Burrow and Travis Kelce recently stole the spotlight but in vastly different arenas. As Joe Burrow, alongside Justin Jefferson, made a splash at Paris Fashion Week, Travis Kelce charmed fans on stage with Taylor Swift in London.

While the two former LSU teammates, Burrow and Jefferson, graced the Parisian fashion scene. His appearance made a striking display at Vogue World 2024. His sharp look, without an inner shirt, gave off a smoky vibe, signifying a bold step out of his comfort zone. On the other hand Jefferson, on his first visit to the City of Light, enjoyed the fashion shows and the local cuisine, adding to their vast resume.

Meanwhile, away from Joe Burrow and in London, Travis Kelce made a memorable debut on Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour stage at Wembley Stadium. Dressed in a top hat and black tailcoat, Kelce appeared during the “Tortured Poets Department” segment, delighting the audience by carrying Swift in his arms and participating in a playful skit.

Fans were quick to react on social media, with Joe Burrow’s daring fashion choice and Kelce’s romantic gesture both drawing admiration far and wide. While some poked fun at Burrow’s unconventional backless look, others celebrated Kelce’s debut Eras Tour performance.

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