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Former Green Bay WR Delivers Bold Prediction in Favor of Aaron Rodgers & The Jets

Anushree Gupta

Aaron Rodgers Speaks Up on the Struggling Jets Offensive Line While Eyeing an Early Return

The New York Jets are one of the oldest NFL teams but possess a fairly bleak Super Bowl history with just one win in their pocket. Having resolved to change their fate in the last season, the Jets put together many important pieces including Aaron Rodgers to their disposal. However, the veteran quarterback’s ACL injury shattered their dreams, forcing them to land at the 3rd place in the AFC East division. Now as Rodgers is set to make a comeback in 2024, new hopes for the Jets’ future were set forward by James Jones, shedding light on his former teammates’ impact.

Emmanuel Acho, Joy Taylor, LeSean McCoy, and James Jones took up the debate on the Jets’ standing in the next season on the ‘SPEAK’. As the question of whether the Jets have to win the AFC East in 2024 was raised, several arguments were put forward by James Jones. He suggested that this could be a favorable year for the team, weighing in on external and internal factors.

Amongst others, Aaron Rodgers‘ comeback and their offseason shuffle, including the acquisition of players like Tyron Smith, Mike Williams, and Morgan Morris are significant changes to consider. The Jets have also added DT Javon Kinlaw and CB Isaiah Oliver on the defensive side prompting James to consider than stronger than ever.

“I think right now if you look at the Jets, getting that type of quarterback, adding them the new additions on offense and on defense, they gonna have a good shot they should they should win this division.”

James also touched on the changes that other AFC East teams have faced and could give the Jets the much-needed upper hand. Bringing the rivals into discussion, he claimed that the Miami Dolphins have lacked consistency in proving their mettle. Additionally, legend Tom Brady‘s exit from the Patriots, and the loss of key players by the Buffalo Bills in the offseason form key supporting factors for the Jets to win. However, Joy Taylor opposed his opinions and felt differently about Aaron Rodgers’ return.

Joy Taylor’s Contrasting Arguments on the New York Jets Win

Since her induction on the ‘SPEAK‘ in Sept. 2022, Joy Taylor has always been upfront with her opinions. As the others flew in with optimism for the New York Jets, she begged to differ on Aaron Rodgers’ impact. According to Taylor, the Jets haven’t had a victory on the grand NFL stage since 1989. Moreover, Aaron Rodgers’ last healthy season with the Green Bay Packers yielded no postseason berth. Therefore, unlike the others, Joy Taylor debated that the New York Jets have a fair chance of losing again.

“I think that the AFC East is open,” said Taylor, adding, “Look this is where I’m at, with the Jets- I got to see it to believe it.”

Taylor presents a contrasting picture for the Jets but raises pertinent questions on Rodgers who went through a ‘wild year’ in 2023. Even Rodgers confirmed that he had dark thoughts after the injury, believing ‘this is it’ for him. However, he bounced back faster than expected, marking presence on the practice field toward the end of the 2023 regular season. Therefore,  his return in 2024  has raised hopes for the Jets ahead, with questions that await answers.

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Anushree Gupta


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