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Rob Gronk and Julian Edelman Finally Reveal Why Tom Brady Is the GOAT

Oindrila Chowdhury

Rob Gronk and Julian Edelman Finally Reveal Why Tom Brady Is the GOAT

Tom Brady has long been hailed as the GOAT quarterback in NFL history — a title that few would dispute. But what qualities make him stand out even more? And who better to shed light on this than his trusted former teammates, Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman, who played pivotal roles in the New England Patriots’ three Super Bowl victories (XLIX, LI, and LIII)?

During their recent appearance on the Games to Names podcast, Edelman and Gronkowski divulged the keys to Brady’s success. According to Edelman, Brady’s work ethic and his ability to lead by example are what make him the true GOAT. Considering everything Brady preaches and practices, the former wideout wholeheartedly believes that TB12 will excel at broadcasting.

Gronkowski shares the same sentiment and emphasized during the conversation that Brady’s dedication is the foundation of his NFL success. While many athletes, especially the new generation, discuss greatness in theory, Brady proves it in practice.

“I want to hit on what you just said again because you really don’t see that anymore in this generation. He really practices what he preaches. There’s no ‘ands, ifs, or buts’ about Tom Brady being Tom Brady. What he puts out there, what he preaches, he practices it.”

The former tight end further emphasized that Brady’s commitment to his hectic lifestyle never takes a day off—it’s a daily dedication.

Gronkowski Has More Secrets to Share About Brady’s Consistent Success

As the conversation continued, Gronkowski spilled the beans on how Brady’s commitment to his physique was the reason behind his longevity and back-to-back milestones in the league.

“He takes care of his body on a daily basis. He competes on a daily basis, and that’s what makes him so great as well.”

Moreover, Brady’s constant effort to improve his on-field skills during his time with the Patriots and Buccaneers is another factor that sets him apart from other veterans.

During his NFL career, he was thoroughly prepared for each game with discipline. He extensively studied film not only to master his team’s playbook but also to analyze the strategies and tendencies of opponents, according to Coach Bill Belichick in one of his speeches.

In any sport, there’s always a discussion about who’s the greatest of all time. In football, Tom Brady’s seven NFL championship victories, work ethic, authenticity, and commitment across all aspects of life certainly make a compelling argument for his GOAT status. The way his former teammates and even coaches praise him, there are no arguments about it.

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