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“He’s a Big History Buff”: Rome Odunze Finally Reveals the ‘Rich History’ Behind His Epic Name

Yagya Bhargava

Rome Odunze Finally Reveals the 'Rich History' Behind His Epic Name

Like a modern-day Roman soldier donning his armor, Rome fearlessly confronts every defensive challenge presented in front of him. As the hype around the Washington WR increases, fans are also getting increasingly curious about his unique name. And Odunze revealed the back story of how he got his name, and the hand his dad had in his christening.

Rome stands amongst this year’s standout wide receiver prospects alongside Marvin Harrison Jr. and Malik Nabers. In a video posted by NFL on ESPN, Rome Odunze shared that his father is a history enthusiast enamored with the Roman Empire which is why he bestowed upon him the name “Rome.”

My name is ‘Rome’ because my dad gave it to me. He’s a big history buff. He’s a big fan of the Roman Empire and what they were to accomplish. To see some of the influence they have today, especially with my Roman Empire memes and all that stuff.”

Rome felt immense joy seeing posters of the Roman Empire featuring him during a game against Oregon and started embracing the same since then.

Rome Odunze was born on June 3rd, 2002, in Las Vegas, Nevada, to James Odunze and Necia Bunnell. His mother is a prominent real estate agent in Nevada, known for her work at Coldwell Banker Premier Realty. While not much is known about his father, he played a significant role in baptizing young Rome.

Rome Odunze Discussed His Path to Maturity

When Rome first stepped foot on the University of Washington campus, he was heralded as a promising talent, but still a young man navigating life’s lessons. Fast forward five years and Odunze has transformed into more than just a standout player, he has become the epitome of leadership.

In an exclusive interview with Real Dawg Huskies, Rome reflected on his journey of personal and athletic growth. He said,

Over these last five years, I think I’ve matured a lot. I think I’ve grown a lot as well,” he shared, “These past four years have brought the greatest level of growth that I’ve had in my whole life.”

For many students, the journey involves navigating class schedules, adjusting to newfound independence, and soul-searching. However, for Rome, the lessons extend far beyond the academic and athletic realms. He had to discover his identity and learn about the realities of the world, especially how the business side of things operates.

As Rome Odunze transitions to the NFL, he’ll once again find himself as the newcomer but this time, he’s poised to take on the role of “the” man. His tenure at UW, both on and off the field, has equipped him with the tools necessary for the success that lies ahead.

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