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“I Don’t Mess With Him”: Disagreeing With Stephen A Smith’s Confrontation, Shannon Sharpe Breaks Down Why He’ll Never Give Any Attention to Jason Whitlock

Vasudha Mudgal

"I Don't Mess With Him": Disagreeing With Stephen A Smith's Confrontation, Shannon Sharpe Breaks Down Why He'll Never Give Any Attention to Jason Whitlock

Stephen A Smith’s takedown of Jason Whitlock has been grabbing eyeballs all week. However, Shannon Sharpe, a former NFL tight end turned broadcaster, has a noticeably different approach towards fellow journalist Jason Whitlock. In a recent YouTube video, Sharpe, while discussing with co-host Chad ‘Ocho Cinco’ Johnson, elaborates on why he chooses not to engage with Whitlock, providing a fresh perspective on handling public confrontations.

Shannon Sharpe and Jason Whitlock have a history that dates back years, yet Sharpe has never publicly acknowledged Whitlock. Sharpe explained his views in the video behind this; he emphasized the importance of not giving undue attention to what he terms “catch a ride” individuals. These are people who, according to Sharpe, gain relevance only when someone more significant shines a spotlight on them.

Sharpe’s argument is simple yet profound: by not engaging with Whitlock, he denies him the platform to elevate his own profile. Sharpe delves into instances where he has intentionally ignored Whitlock. He explained his point about not messing up with him. This shows he does not wish to get into any sort of media attention.

He further extended his views in the Stephen A. Smith and Whitlock controversy. He advises Stephen A. to stop lending his audience to individuals like Whitlock. Sharpe’s advice comes from what he’s learned in life – he thinks staying quiet can be stronger than arguing. Ocho agrees but says it’s important to defend yourself. However, Sharpe believes in a different kind of strength, which is not getting involved in arguments. He concluded by saying, “I leave him alone, right? I don’t mess with him, and he knows it.


Jason Whitlock earlier shared his bold thoughts about Shannon Sharpe, especially after Sharpe talked about why he left the TV show “Undisputed” and his co-host Skip Bayless. Sharpe, in a conversation with Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s “First Take,” mentioned that not feeling respected played a big part in his decision to leave the show after seven years.

Whitlock is famous for his liberal thoughts; he used this chance to express his views on this matter. Whitlock hinted that he might know more details about why Sharpe left FS1, indicating that Sharpe might be wrongly blaming some Fox executives. However, Whitlock also recognized Sharpe’s successful switch from being an athlete to a broadcaster.

He specifically praised Sharpe’s interview with comedian Katt Williams on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast, noting Sharpe’s thorough preparation and depth of knowledge, which make him stand out among other athletes who have turned to broadcasting.

Sharpe’s Problem With Journalists Like Whitlock

Recently, Sharpe talked about the tension he has with some sports reporters, especially Jason Whitlock. He thinks his success in both sports and media is why some in the media world are not happy with him.

Sharpe boldly stated, “I know what I am,” reflecting his self-awareness and confidence in his journey from rural Georgia to the heights of both professional sports and sports broadcasting. He recognizes the unique position he holds—a successful athlete who seamlessly transitioned to an equally successful media personality. This rare feat, according to Sharpe, is something many journalists, who may have never experienced the rigor and glory of professional sports, find hard to digest.

Sharpe points out that while many journalists can talk and analyze, they lack the firsthand experience of playing sports at a professional level. He concluded by saying “It bothered them that I got the interview with Kat Williams the second most viewed interview in YouTube history. The 42 million views.”

Shannon Sharpe deals with criticism and arguments in sports reporting in his own way – he ignores some critics. This approach not only sets him apart but also reshapes how confrontations are perceived in the sports media landscape.

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Vasudha Mudgal


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