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“I Had A Real Mentor “: Tom Brady Honors Drew Bledsoe Weeks After Humorous Roast

Aditya Rajput

“I Had A Real Mentor “: Tom Brady Honors Drew Bledsoe Weeks After Humorous Roast

Tom Brady and Drew Bledsoe kept going at each other’s throats during Netflix’s ‘The Greatest Roast of All Times, making the audience wonder if there was some actual animosity between the two. However, Brady cleared up any questions the audience had when he recently appeared on the Rich Eisen Show.

While on the Show, Eisen and Brady spoke about the change in rookie QB culture as compared to when Brady entered the NFL. They talked about how QBs nowadays are already mini-celebrities entering the league and are molded in the image of how they were expected to play in college.

However, in Brady’s day, the QBs going to the NFL came with more malleability since they learned from their coaches as well as other senior QBs. While speaking about this Brady even credited Bledsoe, saying,

I could not have been the player I was without people like that impacting my career. My first year I had Drew Bledsoe to look up to. He took all the raps. I got to sit there from behind and watch him every single day. I had a real mentor to look up to in Drew.”

This makes it evident that Brady and Bledsoe do not bear any ill will toward each other and were merely staying true to the nature of the roast. In fact, Bledsoe even spoke about his experience at the roast along with another former teammate, Julian Edelman.

Drew Bledsoe’s Roast experience

Bledsoe spoke about his roast experience with Julian Edelman on his show. The duo talked about the difficulty and pressure of delivering their sets, which seemed surprising as they were both accustomed to playing in front of millions of people. However, making people laugh was another thing altogether, and Bledsoe explained how he was more comfortable with the actual show rather than the rehearsal.

While confident in his material, having the stand-ins laugh on cue made the QB question whatever he was saying. Interestingly, Edelman felt similarly and revealed that he went to test his set before performing it live.

Ultimately, the QB was able to deliver a great set at the roast, definitely raising some eyebrows and thoroughly entertaining the audience. However, it was clear to everyone that while both Brady and Bledsoe took some major digs at each other, it was all love between the two.

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