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“I’m Pro Deflating Footballs”: Jason Kelce Reasons Why Tom Brady Shouldn’t Have Gotten In Trouble For Deflategate

Anushree Gupta

“Who Wants To Watch One Of Those”: Jason Kelce Isn’t Impressed With Tom Brady’s Broadcasting Debut Fixture

The infamous Deflategate scandal, recently resurfaced after it took the stage of the GROAT with Tom Brady at its center. Though it is a part of the past, former Eagles center Jason Kelce, often known for his straightforward opinions, brought it up again in a segment of his recent ‘New Heights‘ episode.

Retired from the league, Jason Kelce has no reason to hold back on his unfiltered thoughts about the league and the current state of football. Thereby, sharing his candid views, Jason revealed his unconventional stance on the Deflategate. He shared that he supports the idea of deflating footballs, and if at all Brady and his teammates did it, the league shouldn’t have penalized them.

“I don’t even think Tom should have got in trouble for deflating footballs. I’m pro deflating footballs. I’ll say it, I’ll say it. I am Pro deflating football. Why are you Pro deflating football? Somebody trying to win, yeah, he had smarter people.”

Jason Kelce’s argument revolves around the notion that the amount of air in a football shouldn’t matter as long as it’s effectively thrown and caught. In his own colorful language, he questioned,

“Why the f**k does it matter how much air’s in that mother**k*r? If you’re throwing it and catching it, who the f**k cares?”

Jason Kelce’s bold stance challenges conventional norms and invites a reconsideration of the entire matter. However, he also adds that the mere idea that Tom Brady and his team (if they did it) went against the norms, causes unease amongst the league’s management. Further into the conversation, the former NFL center had more to say about the Patriots who took an unconventional route.

Jason Kelce Blames Other Teams For Not Being Smart Enough

The Deflategate scandal happened in 2015 when Tom Brady already had four Super Bowls to his name. However, the scandal that stained Tom Brady’s career didn’t seem right even for his opponents. Jason Kelce provided more insights on the controversy, where Brady and the New England Patriots faced allegations of tampering with football air pressure to gain an advantage.

The Eagles legend argued that the rule penalized teams for not being “dummies” rather than enforcing player health or fairness. According to Kelce, if both teams had the opportunity to alter football pressure and one failed to do so, it was a matter of intelligence rather than cheating.

“Why is that against the rules? I mean, yeah, because y’all could have taken it out too. You guys could have taken the air out too; you just weren’t smart enough. So why am I getting penalized because you’re f**king dummies? It’s a regulated rule, but it’s a stupid rule,” Kelce expressed passionately on the podcast.

Jason Kelce further addressed the controversy surrounding stealing signs from other teams, arguing that it was part of the game’s intelligence. He boldly admitted to moving the ball forward an inch on 4th and goal, emphasizing how victory meant a lot in the NFL as he embraced the competitive spirit within the league to its full extent.

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