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“It’s Like Patrick Mahomes”: Draft Analyst Is Super Impressed by Drake Maye’s Throws On the Run

Yagya Bhargava

“It’s Like Patrick Mahomes”: Draft Analyst is Super Impressed By Drake Maye’s Throws On The Run

Drake Maye is the new hope for the New England Patriots, who have found themselves in quite the slump in the post-Tom Brady era. With their newly drafted QB, the franchise hopes to revive their glory days. But there is no shortage of speculation around him, as his stats plummeted in 2023 compared to the previous year. Even so, some people are in awe of the aspiring playmaker, going as far as comparing him to Patrick Mahomes.

During a recent episode of “Chris Simms Unbuttoned,” Chris and his father, Phil Simms, dove into the Patriots’ first-round pick this year, and the latter acknowledged that Maye has all the things a franchise looks for in a QB. “He is a big dude and has an unbelievably strong arm,” he added.

Phil went as far as to claim that he has seen flashes of Patrick Mahomes in the former Tar Heels QB, making him an even better pick for the franchise. Moreover, the father-son duo seemed most impressed with Drake Maye’s ability to throw the ball downfield. They think his talent for throwing 30+ yards is spot on, with pinpoint accuracy.

“On the run? Ohh my gosh! He makes some of the throws on the run that just, it’s like Patrick Mahomes. It’s 50 yards down the field, he’s sprinting right and throws a bomb, for real. High and far and his guys could run it down.” Phil Simms said.

Chris and Phill believe Drake Maye’s arm strength and accuracy can finally bring the much-needed stability to New England. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Phil Simms also highlighted that, as an NFL quarterback, Drake needs to master all the routine throws. It’s the short passes and minor details that could be stumbling blocks for the newly drafted QB.

Phil Simms Decodes Drake Maye’s Weaknesses With Son Chris

Phil Simms also pointed out that Drake Maye sometimes has a “little hitch in his throws,” causing him to miss easy passes. “I saw it on Pro Day, and it bothers me a little.” He added.

Another weakness Phil noticed is how Maye “gets his feet together all the time,” which could turn out to be quite problematic. But he also thinks these issues are easily fixable. A quarterback, who keeps working on his weaknesses, can keep growing into an elite player. Drake even has the perfect example of the Patriots’ megastar, Tom Brady, in that aspect.

To tackle these issues, new head coach Jared Mayo and offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt will be instrumental. They need to prepare Drake Maye to handle pressure, escape the pocket, and use his tight end effectively. Jared Mayo also emphasized, ahead of the OTAs, that he wants Van Pelt to lead Maye’s development.

However, for now, Maye needs to be focused on what he can control and shouldn’t let the pressure of being a top-three pick distract him from his first NFL season.

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