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Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson: Chad Johnson Shares His Honest Concerns For the Veteran Boxer

Anushree Gupta

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The world is eagerly anticipating the clash between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson in the boxing ring. However, NFL veteran Chad Johnson has expressed concerns about the former heavyweight champion, particularly regarding Tyson’s readiness and endurance against the younger Paul.

Ochocinco emphasized the wide age gap and the rigorous conditioning required to compete effectively on the ‘Nightcap Podcast’ with Shannon Sharpe. He remarked,

“Mike hasn’t been in the ring in 20 years. I think the only issue for Mike is not really his age, but the youthfulness that Jake has on him and the conditioning.” He further continued, “That’s the only thing I’m worried about – the conditioning. How much running can you do to be in shape to fight two-minute, eight rounds? That’s all I care about.”

Johnson elaborated on the potential challenges Tyson might face, pointing out that the veteran boxer could tire quickly if he exerts too much energy early in the fight.

“If you come out and you exert too much energy early, you’re going to get tired. And if you get tired early and you punch yourself out, then it can get dangerous. At that point, it can get dangerous.”

On the other hand, Chad Johnson also acknowledged Tyson’s experience and power. He elaborates that Tyson poses a mighty threat to Paul if he isn’t prepared.

Chad Johnson predicted Jake Paul’s cautious approach, noting, “Jake is gonna be cautious and he gonna be on his bicycle.” However, he also mentioned Tyson’s ability to cut off the ring and apply relentless pressure has historically served the boxing legend well. Reflecting on Tyson’s previous fight with Roy Jones Jr., Johnson believed Tyson might take this bout more seriously.

Chad Johnson Predicts an Entertaining Showdown Between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul

Chad Johnson also acknowledged the danger Tyson’s power poses to Paul, especially if the YouTuber-turned-boxer missteps.

“What if Jake hits Mike the wrong way and pisses Mike off? What you think gonna happen? Even at 57, 58 years old, with that kind of power, he – no, well, Jake ain’t never felt that kind of power. You can’t even train for that kind of power, even at 57.”

Chad Johnson continued to praise Tyson’s devastating power, comparing it to being kicked by a mule. He also brought in details about his short and compact stature along with powerful legs that make him a significant menace to his opponents. He further elaborated on Tyson’s favorite tactics in the ring.

Arguably, Chad Johnson’s insights reveal that the upcoming fight is not only a high-stakes match but paints a vivid picture of what fans might expect when these two fighters meet in the ring.

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