Jaquan Brisker, Who Got Kicked In The Cr*tch By Mac Jones, Had The Last Laugh After Grabbing a One-Handed Stunner Against Patriots

Shubham Bhargav
|Published 25/10/2022

Patriots QB Mac Jones’ kick left Jaquan Brisker in agonizing pain. However, the defensive lineman’s one-handed stunner allowed him to have the last laugh.

The New England Patriots took on the Chicago Bears on Monday Night and it turned out to be a disappointing night for Bill Belichick’s unit. Right from the word go, the Bears managed to put the New England-based franchise under pressure.

While the Patriots were able to make a comeback in the second quarter, they were absolutely thrashed post halftime. How comprehensively the Patriots were beaten can be understood from the fact that they were unable score a single point in the final two quarters.

Bailey Zappe did well for the Patriots. However, his efforts to drag his team back into the game were neutralized by Bears’ defense. He scored 1 touchdown for 184 yards with two interceptions.

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Mac Jones Fails To Impress Against Bears

Mac Jones, who has been out of action for quite some time, also got a chance to inflict some damage. However, with 1 interception and 13 yards, he wasn’t really able to anything substantial.

However, despite ordinary numbers, Mac was still trending on various social media platforms and the reason for that was his kick to Jaquan Brisker’s groin.

During one of his runs, Jones decide to slide along the turf when Brisker was approaching him. However, in the quest to do so, Jones kept his right leg high which made contact with Brisker’s sensitive area and left the defensive lineman in agonizing pain.

However, after staying on the sidelines for a little while, the lineman returned and immediately, his one-handed interception forced Belichick to give Zappe a go and call Jones back on the sidelines.

Jaquan’s one-handed stunner really was a spectacular grab which proved to be the befitting reply to Jones’ kick. Although after Zappe stepped in, he was able to make an impact, the Bears gave their opponents absolutely no chance to come back in the contest in the second half.

Jones’ return was a disappointing one and the Patriots are now 3-4 down after their first seven games. It will be interesting to see how the team performs in the coming games.

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