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Jason Kelce Feels the Eagles Autism Challenge Should Drop the Mandate Of Riding a Bike

Anushree Gupta

Jason Kelce Ready To Work With Eagles Teammates in 2024 Season

The seventh edition of the Eagles Autism Challenge concluded at the Lincoln Financial Field on May 18, 2024. Of course, the most ardent supporters and fan favorites- Jason Kelce and his wife Kylie once again participated in the challenge, raising an impressive $8.1 million and still counting. Though records were smashed and nearly 6,000 participated in the event, one particular sticking point failed to impress the former Eagles star.

Jason Kelce on the latest episode of his ‘New Heights Show’ expressed concern about bike-riding risks during the fundraiser. Recalling a frightening incident from the previous year, he revealed how his wife Kylie was involved in a minor accident.

“Last year, we had a little scare when Kylie and AJ were involved in an incident,” claimed Jason Kelce shockingly.

Kelce emphasized the importance of safety and suggested that participants need to have alternative choices, such as riding a motorcycle.

“I don’t think anybody almost got hit this year, which is great, and the rain held off too. But we should consider offering other activities, like riding a motorcycle,” he suggested.

Despite this concern, Jason Kelce acknowledged that this year’s event was well-organized and controlled, with no reported incidents. However, the managerial details remain important since the Eagles Autism Challenge is believed to be a powerful platform for raising awareness and supporting families affected by autism.

Ultimately, Kelce raises a call to prioritize the well-being of participants, as he remembered a horrific incident from last year.

Jason Kelce Reminisces A.J. Brown’s Close Save in 2023

In a fortunate turn of events, A.J. Brown narrowly escaped a potential accident during the last Eagles Autism Challenge. Revealing that he was actually hit by a car, which ended up in a close call, Jason Kelce recounted,

“AJ got hit, almost got hit by a car last year. No, no, no, he got hit, he got clipped a little, sideswiped. Wasn’t aggressive though. He was fine, nice. I mean, it’s going to take a lot more than just a side swipe to take out AJ.”

This year, taking safety concerns to heart, Brown chose to ride an electric bike, perhaps prioritizing his safety and protection. Despite lingering worries, the event proved to be a massive success, meeting the expectations of both management and participants alike.

With over 38,000 donations and 44 partnerships with corporates, the charitable event was a smashing success like every year.

With the fundraising effort set to continue until May 31, the support continues to pour in for the aggrieved families. In addition to the fundraising aspect, the event was a heartwarming opportunity for the Eagles organization to engage with fans and families, while fostering the sense of community.

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