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Joe Burrow Adds Fuel to Bengals-Chiefs Rivalry Fire During New Heights Podcast Live Show

Ayush Juneja

Joe Burrow Adds Fuel to Bengals-Chiefs Rivalry Fire During New Heights Podcast Live Show

The Bengals-Chiefs rivalry has added a new dimension to the AFC Conference, otherwise dominated by the defending champions. While Kansas City has come out on top in their last two meetings, of which one was the AFC Championship game, as per the FootballDatabase, the Bengals won 3 consecutive matchups before that. In fact, Joe Burrow is the only active QB to defeat Mighty Mahomes in the postseason, the other being the GOAT Brady himself.

Unfortunately, Burrow’s season-ending injury derailed the Bengals’ 2023 run, while Patrick Mahomes lifted his 2nd consecutive Super Bowl. This upcoming season, however, the LSU alum feels that things will change; and during his recent appearance on the live New Heights podcast in Cincinnati, he asserted that the Bengals are a team that is built to defeat otherwise unstoppable Kansas City. Burrow believes that they are pretty even in terms of personnel, and all the guys have the ability to execute breathtaking plays. Their showdowns have also been thrilling, with both teams’ defenses never failing to impress the fans and pundits alike.

“I think we both work really hard. They have great players, we have great players. I think we match up pretty well with them. I think we’re built to beat them. I always appreciate the legendary battles we have. Guys are out there always making plays. Patrick is always out there making plays. Both teams have big-time defensive lines. It’s a great matchup,” Burrow said, as per

Notably, the majority of football enthusiasts loved Burrow’s live appearance on the show, but his comments on the rivalry miffed more than a few.

Joe Burrow Makes an Appearance on New Heights Live Show

Joe Cool, who has been widely adored in Cincinnati since joining the Bengals in 2020, made an exciting appearance on Jason and Travis Kelce’s live New Heights show at the University of Cincinnati. And Ohio fans loved every second of it. Watching three of their city’s icons on the same stage; was exhilarating for the 92%ers.

The majority of fans took to social media to express their feelings about the surprising guest, and a few even voiced their two cents about Burrow’s comments. Take a look:

Another chimed in and wrote,

A fan quipped,

Someone stated,

Another commented,

Burrow would hope he remains fit next season to back up his words and stop the Chiefs from achieving a three-peat. One could arguably state that the AFC conference has gotten quite boring ever since Mahomes became a starter; however, the next season comes with exciting overhauled rosters, including teams like the Texans, Titans, Ravens, Jets, Chargers, and a few more. Surely, fans will finally get to witness the clashes between the Titans, and maybe the underdogs, like the Bengals, will win it all.

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