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Jon Bon Jovi Reveals Friend Bill Belichick Is a “Closeted” Musician

Anushree Gupta

Jon Bon Jovi Reveals Friend Bill Belichick Is a “Closeted” Musician Despite Being a Footballing Mastermind

When you think of Bill Belichick, what version of him comes to mind? An intense, former Patriots coach who led his team to six Super Bowl wins with his relentless drive. But, his closest friend for more than three decades, Jon Bon Jovi, can tell you Belichick’s lesser-known interests and traits. And that is exactly what he did recently while discussing the origins of his close camaraderie on the Rich Eisen Show.

Rich Eisen, who has known Belichick for decades and heard him talk football for hours on end, asked the singer about the former Patriots coach’s passion for music. Considered a close friend to Belichick, Bon Jovi took no time in revealing a musical detail about him, which isn’t known to many. Calling him a ‘closeted drummer’, Jon Bon Jovi even recalled convincing Bill to go on the road with the group in Europe if there were fewer eyes on him.

“Most people in the world would never know that he was a closeted drummer,” revealed the famous music artist. “We bought him a drum kit years and years ago or that he would, you know, come to Europe on the road with us, where nobody would pay attention to him being there. So he likes music, he loves it but he likes being around it, you know which was cool.”

It’s hard to believe how someone as intense as Bill Belichick could vibe on the drums with one of the greatest, Jon Bon Jovi. But, it could be the glue that has held their often referred to ‘bromance’ together since the 1980s. Adding more spice, Bill’s musical friend painted a completely different image of Bill, calling him an ‘incredibly engaging, warm family guy’, a side least discussed by most around him, including the recent documentary Dynasty.

Bill Belichick Deserved More Credit on the Dynasty: Jon Bon Jovi

Arguably, Bill Belichick is one of the most ruthless coaches, with his tough demeanor and go-getter attitude. A similar but more twisted presentation of Bill Belichick was shown on the Dynasty docu-series. He was made out to be the bad guy — he was made out to be the sole antagonist who brought an end to the Dynasty. However, Jon Bon Jovi, who has remained loyal to the franchise and looked closely at it, doesn’t agree with this portrayal. He believes that Belichick was painted in a negative light.

“It wasn’t the same guy that I know. I think he (Bill Belichick) deserves more credit,” said Bon Jovi.

He further detailed how Tom Brady, though a legend now, was just a ‘kid’ then, who became one of the most coveted quarterbacks in history under Belichick’s guidance. The suggestion doesn’t come as a surprise to those who know of the backlash faced by Bill Belichick when he replaced Drew Bledsoe with Tom Brady. And even when Bledsoe made a comeback in the 2001 AFC Championship and helped the team win the game, Belichick still benched him in the Super Bowl. He saw something in the sixth-round third-string QB when no one did; thus, the unwarranted hate just baffles the singer.

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