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“Justin Fields Spit It Back Perfectly”: Bears QB Records Highest Score Ever On Aptitude Test

Ashish Priyadarshi
|Sun May 09 2021

Justin Fields became the talk of the 2021 NFL Draft after the Bears traded up to get him. While Fields is clearly talented, he’s also very smart too.

In an aptitude test conducted by sports psychologist Dr. Goldman, Justin Fields recorded the highest ever score recorded. The test has been administered to more than 6,500 athletes, but Fields’ score blew them all out of the water:

Before the 2021 NFL Draft, Fields was ripped to shreds because analysts and scouts believed that he wasn’t intelligent as a passer. However, his score here clearly shows otherwise.

Additionally, Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen both score 108 on this test while Fields scored. This test was designed to test a person’s ability to learn a concept and then be able to recall that concept.

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Matt Nagy Impressed By Fields’ Memory, Remembers How Justin Fields Recalled Play Perfectly

This mental aptitude test was the only indication we’ve gotten of how smart Fields might be. Before the draft, NFL teams and coaches generally meet with prospective athletes to get a gauge for who they might want to pick up.

During on Zoom meeting, Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy sat down with Justin Fields, and as is customary, went over a few formations and plays to see what Fields thought about them to see what his response would be to an NFL-style playbook.

After the draft, Nagy supposedly had a little fun with Fields as he asked Fields if he remembered the formation they had gone over that day. To his surprise, Fields was able to recall it perfectly.

“Fields spit it back perfectly, remembered everything about it.”

It was this intelligence that caught the eye of the Chicago Bears.

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