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“It Was a 1950s Look”: Justin Jefferson Praises Joe Burrow’s Backless Suit at Paris Fashion Show

Yagya Bhargava

“It Was a 1950s Look”: Justin Jefferson Praises Joe Burrow’s Backless Suit At Paris Fashion Show

Justin Jefferson is always going to have Joe Burrow’s back, at least off the field. The two football stars turned heads on the Vogue World 2024 runway. But it was Burrow’s backless black suit that stole the show. While the Bengals QB got a lot of grief for his fashion choices, Jefferson was all aboard the Burrow fashion train.

Despite the teasing from everywhere else, Jefferson fully supported Burrow’s look on the Rich Eisen Show:

“If you know Joe, you know Joe. And that’s the type of suit Joe would wear in that type of fashion show for Vogue. That’s just Joe. You should have seen how many people wanted to take pictures with his back.

According to Jefferson, many attendees asked Burrow to turn around for photos to show his suit’s backless design. “It was a 1950s look apparently, they did it in the 50s,” he explained.

When Rich Eisen asked if Jefferson was offered a similar backless suit, the Vikings receiver laughed, admitting he wasn’t and wouldn’t have worn it even if offered. However, Jefferson knows his former LSU teammate well and explained that Burrow enjoys being different and doesn’t worry about others’ opinions.

Jefferson also joked that he would have given Burrow “a little tip or two” about the outfit if he had seen him getting ready. But they only met just before the walk, after both were dressed.

While Jefferson enjoyed the Vogue World 2024 experience, he couldn’t resist one last playful jab at his friend. The Vikings star mentioned that he liked his own suit better than Burrow’s, just because it had the back covered.

Eisen then shifted the conversation from Burrow’s eye-catching suit to Jefferson’s runway performance. He asked about Jefferson’s apparent confidence during the fashion show, noting it looked like he was a seasoned pro.

Walking the Runway Like “Walking in The Park”

Jefferson, however, revealed what was going through his mind during the walk: “Don’t trip! The whole time.” He explained that the former LSU duo kept their hands in their pockets as a way to project confidence, given their inexperience on the runway.

The Vikings star even shared some tips he followed, especially with celebrities and big names watching from the front row. He said,

“You’re not really supposed to be looking around at everything, just walking in the park. You’re supposed to be looking straight pretty much at the back of the person in front of you. You’re supposed to be stern, firm, you know, don’t smile, supposed to just keep a clean walk.”

Despite his reputation for flashy on-field celebrations, Jefferson approached the Vogue show with a different mindset. He recognized the nature of the event and opted for a more composed, professional demeanor.

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