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Kansas City Chiefs Receiver Rumors: How Patrick Mahomes & Andy Reid’s Presser Hints at New Weapon Incoming

Utsav Khanna

Kansas City Chiefs Receiver Rumors: How Patrick Mahomes & Andy Reid's Presser Hints at New Weapon Incoming

Rashee Rice is in custody. MVS is failing to stay healthy. And Kelce has fallen off a 1000-yard wagon. Safe to say, like every other off-season, the Kansas City Chiefs find themselves in a fix. However, their new addition, Hollywood Brown, is shining bright like a diamond. With the conclusion of their first voluntary workout session, the defending champs recently held a press conference. Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, and Nick Bolton answered several questions from the media, all of which centered around their off-season preparation.

Both the head coach and the star quarterback couldn’t help but talk about their new inclusion of speedy wide receiver Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown. And if one looks closely at what was said, there might be a hint hidden. With just 8 days to go until D-Day in Detroit and a loaded offensive class on display, the Chiefs’ moves on day 1 will be under the largest spotlight.

And from what one can decipher from Reid’s take on Hollywood Brown’s role, there might be another receiver coming to Kansas City. Andy Reid said, “Hollywood Brown is a speed receiver. He can play inside or outside. And I stay away from saying a ‘deep threat’ although he can do that. He can play within the offense and do all of the different routes that we ask. He’s a nice addition.”

Seemingly innocent, take on what the role of Brown would look like—almost no issues in this take. But, if you look closely, he wants to stay away from calling him a deep threat, even though the man runs a 40-yard dash in just 4.2 seconds. By themselves, these comments might not look like much. But combine them with what Mahomes said about Hollywood Brown, and it becomes a clear picture.

Patrick Mahomes Talks about Hollywood Brown’s Role in Kansas City

As soon as Brown inked a contract with the Chiefs, he bought himself a ticket to Texas; to get to know his new QB teammate and sweat it out with him. And in this very brief time, Mahomes seems to have grown fond of him.

“Instantly, you see the speed,” the Chiefs’ QB remarked. “But what I’ve liked so far is how hard he works. He’s been in the workouts, he’s been through the route running, and he wants more… I think he’ll have a hell of a role in this offense. The way he’ll be able to stretch the field. I think you’ll see even different from the way he’s been before — because I think we can utilize him in different ways.” 

Later, Mahomes added that, without a doubt, they will utilize the speed that he brings to the table. But what will be different is the amount of load he has running a route in the middle of the field. Mahomes believes that once he thoroughly learns their unique schemes, already accelerated by his eagerness to play a bigger role, he’ll be able to realize the freedom their offense offers in teams of route running and creatively creating space.

So now, if you see, both Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid want to stay away from emphasizing his speed. The one thing that makes him an amazing deep threat. Whether they want to use him in the middle of the field or for shorter routes, they do have other plans for him that hardly include being a deep threat. This opens the door for another receiver to be brought in.

And in order to get to that receiver, the Chiefs will definitely have to move up from their 32nd overall slot. Thus, giving up some draft capital and taking up a top 3 or 4 wide receiver talent would come in handy for their goal of achieving the three-peat. The chatter is that they could trade up for Brian Thomas Jr., but it would mean losing future draft picks since multiple teams have shown interest in snatching away the former LSU Tiger.

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Utsav Khanna


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