Cover Image for “Kobe Bryant is a part of this, he belongs here”: Cooper Kupp pays tribute to Lakers legend during Rams Super Bowl parade

“Kobe Bryant is a part of this, he belongs here”: Cooper Kupp pays tribute to Lakers legend during Rams Super Bowl parade

Ashish Priyadarshi
|Thu Feb 17 2022

Cooper Kupp had himself one hell of a season and a postseason run to remember, but when he got the limelight, he made sure to thank Kobe Bryant.

The Rams wide receiver had perhaps the greatest season ever by someone of his position. First, Kupp became a triple-crown winner as he led in receptions, yards, and touchdowns in the regular season.

He was commemorated for his efforts by receiving the Offensive Player of the Year award shortly before he played in the Super Bowl. Then, he put on a show-stopping performance in the big game, catching the game winning touchdown and winning Super Bowl MVP.

He became the first player ever to accomplish all that in one season. Kupp almost broke the record for receiving yards in a single season as well, and it was his performance that carried the Rams throughout the year.

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Cooper Kupp thanks Kobe Bryant during Rams Super Bowl parade

Because of Kupp and the Rams, the city of Los Angeles is once again host to a championship team. The Rams, Dodgers, and Lakers have all won titles in the last three years, making LA a sporting hotspot right now.

While many athletes have come and gone, leaving their mark on LA, there was probably nobody who left a bigger mark throughout the 2000s and 2010s than Kobe Bryant. The late Laker legend won five championships with the city, playing his entire 20 year career with the same team in the same city before retiring in 2015 and tragically passing away in a helicopter accident in 2020.

Kobe is an integral part of LA culture and history, and any major sporting event in the city can’t go without looking back at what he had done for the city. Cooper Kupp made sure to pay tribute to Kobe as the Rams celebrated their Super Bowl victory in the streets of LA today.

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