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Laugh Riot Ensues as Tom Brady Finds a Common Link With Singer Ariana Grande

Ayush Juneja

Laugh Riot Ensues as Tom Brady Finds a Common Link With Singer Ariana Grande

Just over a year ago, Tom Brady bid adieu to the league after a distinguished career marked by an unrivaled seven Super Bowl victories, a feat unmatched in the league’s history. Tom recently posted a story on Instagram, reminding fans of his achievements through Ariana Grande’s song, 7 Rings, released five years ago. Brady was enjoying his free time on Sirius XM when Grande’s song popped up, compelling the 7-time Super Bowl winner to post a story with a laughing emoji and wrote- Let’s f*cking go(LFG).


While former Patriots QB might have seen the connection right now, fans had already pointed it out years ago.


His story got a mixed reaction. While many expressed laughter after watching the story, as always there were haters. Some called Brady adorable and the song was perfect for him. However, haters felt the need to add Mahomes and Eli Manning. Fans said,

Another chimed in and wrote,

A Chiefs fan quipped,

Others said,

While Brady seemed pumped and ecstatic with his newfound connection with the former Victorious actor, fans have already been ahead of him and made the link as soon as Buccaneers lifted the Lombardy back in 2021.

World Made this Connection Long Before Tom Brady

Ariana Grande’s song 7 Rings popped up on Sirius XM playlist and made him take notice of the similarity. However, some curious fans had made the connection between Brady and Ariana long before that. Social media is filled with 7Rings connections. However, many have joked that the singer achieved those rings even before the 3-time MVP. Her song came out in 2019, while Tom didn’t win his final Lombardy with the Buccaneers until 2021. As per the fans, she is the real GOAT.

Fans had wished that Brady would play the song once after his win, his finally listening to Grande’s catchy single brought fans of both worlds together. While Tom sits at the top of Mt Rushmore of the quarterbacks with 7 rings, Mahomes is rapidly pacing towards him. He has already won 3 rings even before turning thirty. While it seems impossible now, because Brady played till the age of 46, the way the Chiefs keep on winning, Mahomes might just close.

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Ayush Juneja

Ayush Juneja


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