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“Learned A Lot”: Bo Nix Reflects on Respectful Competition with Drake Maye Amid NFL Draft Preparation


“Learned A Lot”: Bo Nix Reflects on Respectful Competition with Drake Maye Amid NFL Draft Preparation

Bo Nix is ​​unlikely to surpass Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, or Jayden Daniels as the top three quarterbacks selected in the draft. But he is most likely going to be right behind them. Weeks before the draft, Nix got to train with Drake Maye, and despite being in direct competition with the North Carolina QB, had nothing but good things to say about him.

In his appearance on the RG3 and The Ones, the Oregon Ducks QB spilled his thoughts on Drake Maye, and shared his reflections on the respectful competition between the two as he said,

“There’s nobody better than a guy like Drake Maye (to train with). Unbelievable person, awesome personality, ultra-competitive. I mean, we would be doing broad jumps and competing to see who can jump the farthest. We’re never gonna jump just to jump, and that’s just who we are…But it was a very respectful competition.”

Talking about his time spent “competing” with Maye, Nix revealed that competition was just part of how they operated, coming from competitive families, but it was always respectful and they both learned something from each other. Interestingly, this shared experience also helped them forge a friendship, maybe even a brotherhood.

While Maye was trailing ahead of Nix till now, things might be looking a bit different now, weeks ahead of the draft. According to reports, Maye’s draft stock has seemingly taken a hit, after some harsh words from a former NFL player.

GMs Could be Fired for Picking Drake Maye?

Former RB Merril Hoge shook up the NFL world a little when he offered up a dire warning for the GMs, ahead of the draft. According to Hoge, “Drake Maye is the kind of player that will get you fired.” The NFL analyst issued the warning on WCCO radio, as he continued, “Especially if you draft him in the top five or top three, he’s going to get you fired.” But why?

Hoge drew parallels between Maye and former Liberty quarterback Malik Willis. Willis, who was eventually selected by the Tennessee Titans, was widely praised during his college career and raised questions as to why he wasn’t regarded as a top pick in the 2022 draft.

According to the analyst, the two share the same “erratic” playing pattern, and this could mean a similar fate for Maye in the NFL; touted to be a top pick, but turning out to be an underperforming disappointment.

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