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Miami Star Odell Beckham Jr. Credits the Rams for Rekindling His Love for Football


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OBJ is on his way to Miami and one of the “biggest reasons” for that he says has something to do with his time with the Rams. The WR saw his first Super Bowl win during his time with the Rams and Coach Sean McVay. Of course, then, Los Angeles is special to him and remains so to this day.

Appearing on the Miami Dolphins podcast, their star WR detailed how Mike McDaniel’s offense excited him to be joining the Dolphins’ offense, due to the conceptual similarity to the offense of his time with the Rams. Reminiscing about those times with the Rams, OBJ explained how LA rekindled his love for football as he said:

“LA was my favorite place that had been because of everything I had been through and it reminded me how much I loved football and that’s kind of what this is here, strictly football…the idea of what that offense is and just being able to hear that and see the concepts and do all that is what got me most intrigued about coming here.”

The similarities OBJ sees within McVay and McDaniels’ way of coaching, and the offense they’ve built in their respective teams is what drew him to the Dolphins. For the WR, “sitting in the meetings, and hearing some of the verbiage, and the plays” reminded him of his time in LA, and it was a good sign.

It seems like OBJ is in Miami but might be missing LA. After all, it’s the city where he rekindled his love for football and also took home the Lombardi. But with a similar offense and a QB who has a chip on his shoulder to once and for all prove that he doesn’t choke when it matters the most, will OBJ be able to replicate his 2021-2022 season success?

OBJ is Excited to Play with Tua Tagovailoa

There’s not just Mike McDaniel that has got OBJ’s intrigue and excitement, the WR is also excited to pair up with his new quarterback. Tua has a lot to prove this season, and with loaded weapons like Tyreek, Jaylen Waddle, and Beckham all on his squad, he might just have a chance. Talking of Tagovailoa, he said,

“I was talking to Coach Mike and he was telling me all about Tua…We sat up there and watched film for an hour and a half and we were just talking about…they were just telling me about how accurate he is and how good of a ball he throws so I am super excited about it. I met him today, he’s a great person, seems like his energy is just infectious.”

The wide receiver further expressed the desire to catch a game of golf or dinner with his upcoming QB to get on the same wavelength. Beckham also researched his new quarterback by watching a tape on Tagovailoa, and the concept of an “opportunity” became evident to the wide receiver once more. He has talked about watching Tua’s tape before during his presser as well, he talked about seeing the ability to be able to play with Tua as an opportunity.

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