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“My Son Is Going to School Under Deion Sanders”: WWE Hall-of-Famer Bill Goldberg Proudly Endorses Coach Prime

Aditya Rajput

“My Son Is Going to School Under Deion Sanders”: WWE Hall-of-Famer Bill Goldberg Proudly Endorses Coach Prime

Every hopeful parent of a college football player would want a great coach for their child, and Deion Sanders is the gold standard. Interestingly, Sanders’ old teammate and WWE legend, Bill Goldberg, is one of those parents. In a recent video by Well Off Media, Goldberg spoke about his satisfaction that his son will play under Coach Sanders.

While meeting with his former teammate at a Memorial Day cookout, Bill Goldberg expressed his fondness for Deion, whom he loves like a brother. He also appreciated Coach Sanders’ coaching style and expressed gratitude that Sanders will now mentor his son, Gage A.J. Goldberg, a middle linebacker.

“All I can say is I love him like a brother,” Goldberg said. “Now he’s taking care of my boy. There’s no other defining way that I can describe it except for the fact that my son is going to school under Deion Sanders. And I couldn’t be more appreciative and blessed.”

Notably, Sanders appeared excited about this forthcoming journey as well, and at the same time, he reflected on the kind of connection he shared with Goldberg during their two-year stint at Atlanta.

Did Deion Sanders Kickstart Bill Goldberg’s Wrestling Career?

Aside from being called a standout wide receiver and an exceptional return specialist, Deion Sanders also made a name for himself as a cornerback. And during his stint in Atlanta between 1992 and 1993, defensive tackle Bill Goldberg got the opportunity to play alongside the triple-threat player.

Together, the two comprised an important part of the Falcons’ secondary. They also shared a heartwarming camaraderie as football players. In the Well Off Media video, Sanders spoke about the explosive nature of Goldberg as a tackle, mentioning how powerful the latter had always been and how it gave the other teammates a hint of what he’d become.

Sanders then recalled that Goldberg always showed a lot of potential in the locker room. They would conduct wrestling matches during their downtime, inviting other players in the locker room to take on Goldberg. But most of them remained silent, fully aware of how it would end.

Moreover, the duo formed a bond that extended beyond just being teammates. The two would discuss their futures as well as where they all might end up. Goldberg even playfully hinted that Sanders was the reason he became a pro-wrestler.

“I guess I have to give him a 100% credit for me being a professional wrestler,” Goldberg said when Sanders recounted their locker room antics.

And now their journey has come full circle. The wrestler has reached Hall of Famer status in WWE, and Sanders has been showcasing his mettle as a football coach. With Goldberg’s connection to Sanders, it is only a matter of time before his son becomes a dominant force on the football field.

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