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“NFL Has to Schedule Their Games Around Your Tour”: Fans Respond to Taylor Swift’s Schedule Around Chiefs Games


Can Taylor Swift Make it to the Super Bowl? Was the Pop Icon at Chiefs Game Today?

Taylor Swift is now influencing game schedules in the NFL. The global pop star’s influence first came to the notice of sports fans when she started appearing at Chiefs games, and the viewership for NFL games skyrocketed. But is her presence so important that the league is structuring the game schedule to fit hers?

Dov Kleiman reported: “Despite Taylor Swift having her Eras Tour, she will still be able to attend 14 Chiefs games next season” and “The NFL took Taylor Swift’s concert scheduling into account when making the upcoming season schedule, per Mike North NFL VP of Broadcast Planning.” Some might take this to mean that the league set its schedule in a way that Taylor would be able to attend as many Chiefs games as possible, with her tour schedule in mind. 

Fans expressed this sentiment, calling to the star power of Taylor Swift as one fan wrote, “Being so big that the NFL has to schedule their games around your tour is a crazy flex she really is selling crazy.”

Of course, as always there were fans bemoaning the fact that Taylor Swift is being reported on at all in relation to the NFL. Some fans seemed agitated by the fact that the league is “pandering” to Swift and her fanbase. However, what is actually the whole story behind these claims?

What is The Truth?

For those overly concerned about Taylor Swift’s presence at Chiefs games and the league indulging Swift and her fans, they needn’t worry. It’s not the pop star’s presence at games that the league is concerned about, but the fact that the stadiums will be booked during her return US leg of the Eras Tour.

According to the official statement by the NFL VP of Broadcast Planning Mike North, the NFL needed to factor in her U.S. tour dates when making the 2024 season schedule, per Fox Sports. The issue for the league is more double booking the stadiums and scheduling conflicts rather than making sure Swift is able to attend as many games as possible. Though, that will be an added bonus?

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