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NFL Reporter Hints Dak Prescott’s New Contract Is About to Kick Up a Storm

Anushree Gupta

NFL Reporter Hints Dak Prescott’s New Contract Is About to Kick Up a Storm

NFL contracts in 2024 have been quite overwhelming. However, the Dallas Cowboys are still reeling with some important decisions to make, including an impending extension for Dak Prescott. He is expected to make history and reset the QB market, and NFL reporter Tom Pelissero believes the NFL world might not be prepared for what’s coming.

When answering Suzy Shuster on ‘The Rich Eisen Show‘ about who could blow everyone away with the next big contract this year, Pelissero had Dak Prescott’s name. “I’d say it’s Dak Prescott, whether that ends up being with the Cowboys or somebody else,” Pelissero said.

The NFL insider highlighted the unique position Prescott finds himself in and how he is still waiting on the Dallas Cowboys to provide him with the answers. Therefore, there’s a big chance that the Cowboys’ quarterback finds himself negotiating a deal someplace other than Dallas, considering he is entering free agency in 2025.

The Cowboys face a challenging financial situation with other key players, such as CeeDee Lamb and Micah Parsons, also due for new contracts. These impending extensions create tough decisions for the team’s management, and recently signed QB contracts around the league aren’t helping either.

Tom Pelissero Compares Dak Prescott’s Contract With Kirk Cousins’ Updated Numbers

Pelissero went on to bring up Kirk Cousins’ massive 4-year, $180 million contract with the Atlanta Falcons. A QB of his stature, who spent the latter part of the 2023 season on the bench with an Achilles tear, has broken all the barriers with a $45 million yearly deal. Then what should a QB like Prescott, widely regarded as a top 10 quarterback, be looking at?

Pelissero speculates that the Cowboys, or any other team interested in signing Dak, might have to consider a $60 million contract. However, the Cowboys have a reputation for delaying negotiations; therefore, if Dak is hoping to remain in Dallas, he will have to showcase absolute dominance this upcoming season.

With Prescott entering the final year of his four-year, $160 million contract, the pressure is on the Cowboys to either offer him a lucrative contract or be ready to bid their goodbyes. As Pelissero hinted, the outcome remains uncertain. But it can be said with certainty that Kirk Cousins’ latest deal with the Atlanta Falcons has set a new benchmark for every upcoming QB contract.

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Anushree Gupta

Anushree Gupta


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