NFL Teams Cap Space: Which NFL Team Can Afford Julio Jones?

Ashish Priyadarshi
|Published May 24, 2021

Julio Jones is on his way out in Atlanta. With new breaking that Jones is leaving Atlanta, which NFL teams have the cap space to trade for Julio Jones?

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Trade talks had been growing for weeks about the Falcons’ superstar receiver, and now it looks like it’s all coming to a head. However, trading for Julio Jones comes at a hefty price. His contract is worth $66 million over three years. So who has the big bucks to trade for Julio? Read more to find out.

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Which NFL Teams Can Afford Julio Jones?

As it stands there are about 7 NFL teams that have the salary cap space to trade for Julio Jones. Here’s the complete list of teams which could be in the running for Jones’ services:

  1. New England Patriots, Available Cap Space: $15,974,468
  2. Arizona Cardinals, Available Cap Space: $13,538,841
  3. San Francisco 49ers, Available Cap Space: $17,663,487
  4. Cleveland Browns, Available Cap Space: $20,927,358
  5. Indianapolis Colts, Available Cap Space: $20,466,554
  6. New York Jets, Available Cap Space: $25,052,069
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars, Available Cap Space: $39,202,476

Out of these teams, it’s most likely that Julio Jones suits up for a winning franchise, as right now he’s made it very clear that he wants to be in a winning culture. Therefore, it makes sense for a team like the Patriots, 49ers, or Browns, to take their shot at landing Julio.

With Jones on the roster, all three teams would immediately benefit and would certainly be in playoff contention. The Browns already have one of the best receiving cores in the league with OBJ, Jarvis Landry, and Tee Higgins coming into his own, and adding Julio would certainly put them over the top.

The 49ers represent the best opportunity to win immediately for Julio Jones as they have one of the most complete rosters in the NFL. However, their quarterback situation is a little murky as Jimmy Garoppolo still needs to prove h’s a top tier QB and Trey Lance is a rookie, so Jones may want to avoid that.

Same goes for the Pats who are either trotting out Cam Newton or Mac Jones. While the Patriots worked hard on building their offense this offseason, they’re still a ways to go from competing with the true class of the AFC. A team like the Cardinals then might make more sense.

DeAndre Hopkins has already said he’d be willing to restructure his contract, and there, Julio would form the scariest WR duo in the NFL with Hopkins.

What Would It Cost To Trade For Julio?

The asking price for Julio Jones remains uncertain still, but it’s sure to cost at least a first round pick and some decent player.

Atlanta has said that they’re seeking draft pick compensation, but the fact that Jones is now 32 years old, means it’s hard for teams to shell out that much for him.

Additionally, the Falcons are trying to trade Jones away from the NFC, but they said that they’ll look within the conference if the price is right.

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A second round pick seems much more likely, but even then, who’s willing to pay? Surely, some team is desperate enough to make a grab at Julio, and the move will have instant dividends, but how much are teams willing to mortgage their future?

We’ll have to wait and see.

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