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NFL Veteran No Longer Unimpressed With Angel Reese’s Comment on the Rising Fame of Caitlin Clark

Anushree Gupta

Caitlin Clark Not Being Mentioned Once In 50 Minutes During WNBA Media Voter's Twitter Space Has Fans In Uproar

Angel Reese’s reaction to the mistreatment of Caitlin Clark on the basketball court brought tornadoes into the WNBA world. The No. 2 overall pick by Chicago Sky skipped the press conference initially but finally had a word to share in a recent post-game interview. However, her statements were twisted for a viral clip that proved untrue later, prompting a reaction from NFL veteran Robert Griffin III.

A clip from her recent post-game interview made circles on the internet where Angel Reese talked about Chennedy Carter’s hard foul against Caitlin Clark. However, she didn’t shy away from voicing her support for her teammate.

In a statement that followed, she doubled down and remarked that the WNBA isn’t getting added attention because of just one person but ‘because of me too’. For a young star, the statement seemed strangely self-centered, prompting a comment from former NFL star, Robert Griffin III.

“If she changed that “because of me” to “because of all of us”, the whole WNBA would have been rocking with her,” wrote RG3, firing shots at Reese.

However, the discussion took a swift turn as the complete version of Angel Reese’s interview hit the internet. As it turns out, Reese did credit the rise of the WNBA to all who have worked hard in the landscape.

She claimed that the added attention isn’t “because of one person” but because “a lot of us have done so much for this game.” Following this, the NFL veteran was awakened by the discovery of this part of the clip. Therefore, Robert Griffin III made sure to clarify the situation with another post.

“Turns out Angel Reese did end up saying “because of all of us” so the whole WNBA is rocking with her,” wrote RG3 while also thanking a fellow X user for exposing him to the whole truth.

Any sports landscape with young blood like Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark is bound to have a healthy rivalry. However, the mutual respect among players for their efforts is still necessary. After all, there are no extra pieces in the universe. But as the dust settles on the Sunday drama for the WNBA, fans are still keeping their spirits high.

Fans React to Angel Reese’s Comments After Caitlin Clark’s Brutal Bodycheck

It won’t be incorrect to say that last Sunday was indeed a hard day for the WNBA. But, it also came with a lot of buzz and added attention that the landscape has craved over the years. Now, as Angel Reese broke her silence after Clark’s fallout, fans made sure to voice their opinions on her speech.

While some blamed the media for promoting ‘false narratives’ others weren’t impressed with the fallout. A few, on the other hand, made sure to call out Angel Reese for her reaction, while others labeled the hate simply ‘crazy’. Take a look:

Amidst the flurry of reactions, the most awaited reaction from Chennedy Carter has arrived. While she initially chose silence, she accompanied Angel Reese to a media address after their practice session on June 3, 2024.

Chennedy Carter remarked that she, in fact, has ‘no regrets’ for the flagrant foul made on Caitlin Clark. Moreover, she promised to be as competitive as ever in the forthcoming games, despite what happened.

“I’m going to compete and play 100% hard no matter who it is or who we’re playing,” Carter asserted.

While Carter’s professionalism deserves applause, it’s hard to ignore the hardships faced by Caitlin Clark in the WNBA at this point. The Indiana Fever point guard has been targeted continuously on numerous occasions, and her disagreements with players and referees haven’t gone unnoticed.

Many have raised voices for protecting a star like Caitlin Clark, who has just transitioned to the pros with her top-of-the-charts collegiate-level records. Therefore, with Angel Reese and Chennedy Charter taking unabashed stances, it only remains to be seen what changes the Fevers would make to keep their star player from getting crushed repeatedly.

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