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NFL World Honors The Fallen On Memorial Day

Utsav Khanna

NFL World Honors The Fallen On Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a special occasion for the country. And NFL, the league of the most American sport, football, shares a close relationship with the forces. And members of the NFL fraternity, just like the rest of America, honor and remember those who gave the ultimate price fighting and defending their country.

Originally called Decoration Day, the holiday was recognized after the perils of the Civil War. Many citizens go to the cemeteries where the fallen are resting to pay their respects. And in the digital age, the remembrance also takes place on social media. The league, the teams, and the players individually shared posts to commemorate the fallen soldiers.

Almost every NFL team put up an honorary message on their timelines. Check out some of the posts:

Even NFL players chimed in with their own remembrance messages. Ex-players such as Robert Griffin III, Michael Vick, and Ed McCaffrey also paid their respects:

Michael Vick even shared details of Pat Tillman’s foundation. Tillman was an NFL player, who joined the army after the crisis of September 2001. Tillman is remembered as one of the greatest athletes who gave up a lucrative career to follow his calling.

Even Russell Wilson brought out a picture from his archives where he met with the American defense forces:

NFL and the US Army have shared a relationship for a long time. Both these organizations share the common sentiment of bringing Americans together. NFL has started many partnerships, initiatives, and efforts to make the lives of soldiers a tad bit easier.

NFL And The US Forces

According to their official website, they started an initiative called ‘Salute to Service‘. Under this initiative, the league has different programs to support the defense forces. They hold USO tours where NFL players and coaches travel to overseas locations to interact with the service personnel.

This initiative makes sure that members of the US defense forces have a piece of home wherever they go. Besides this, the league also works to better the situation of wounded soldiers. Providing them with mental health help and supporting them as they rediscover themselves.

For active-duty members, remembering the great Pat Tillman, the NFL opened up the Pat Tillman project. According to their official website, the league aims to empower “active duty service members, veterans, and military spouses with academic scholarships, a national network, and professional development opportunities.”

The NFL shares a wholesome relationship with the defense forces. And continues to build relationships and structures to better the situation for the service members.

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