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No Videos of Bo Nix on Social Media as Sean Payton Applies Unique Rules During OTAs

Ayush Juneja

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The OTAs have begun and social media is filled with franchises showing off and hyping their star rookies. However, there is one team that is staying away from this trend. The Broncos drafted Bo Nix 12th overall, but he seems to be missing from the team’s social media altogether.

As per Denver Sports, Sean Payton is sticking to their unorthodox approach by not allowing anyone to shoot or leak videos from their OTAs. Payton believes in keeping a tight rein and is doing so in Dove Valley. Additionally, there have been no injury reports or transfer news on social media about the Broncos.

Payton is keeping it real and all about work, a departure from last season’s practices. Nix is clearly not following in the footsteps of Russell Wilson who had his social media team following him around as he attended fundraisers. He is creating a culture where the focus is mainly on the field.

Bronco fans all over social media have insisted on the club post snippets of Nix and other players from OTAs. However, the request has fallen on deaf ears as the franchise is sticking with Sean and his principles. However, the fans might not have to wait much longer for information about the team as the Broncos players will soon be available for interaction with the media.

With all QBs under 30, all of them have a chance to get reps and stake their claim on that QB1 spot.

The Competition For QB1 Heats Up in Denver

When the Broncos traded away Wilson, there was a feeling that the franchise would struggle yet again, though this time without the presence of an established QB. However, when they started the OTAs, no one would have thought that there would be a competition for places in that QB room.

The Orange Crush drafted Bo Nix with the 12th overall pick and people feel he would be the starter as a rookie come September. But since the start of the off-season, Sean Payton and the front office have insisted that there will be competition for places. With no apparent starter in the mix, the OTAs and the minicamp will help decide the next starter for the Broncos.

As per Mile High Sports, they have Jarrett Stidham who started a few games after Wilson was benched and has been in the league for many years, though he has never been a starter anywhere. Denver recently traded for Zach Wilson, who might be thinking about turning a new page and restarting his career under a better coach.

Bo Nix though a rookie comes with a wealth of college football experience, having started 61 games in the past five seasons. At 24, he seems most ready and tailor-made for the NFL among all other rookie QBs. He completed 77% of his passes last year, which points to his accuracy, and turned the ball over only three times.

Nix also has a similar build as Drew Brees and much like he has a strong arm and relies on quick throws, which is perfect for an electric, high-volume passing system of Sean Payton. A willing learner, he is also quick on his feet though he loves to stay in the pocket. A perfect fit for the Broncos, the QB1 spot is his for the taking.

Bo might also get to start because he has no one to learn from if he sits for a year. The Broncos haven’t been to the playoffs since Manning retired. They have so much dead cap that they would have the best of their situation.

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Ayush Juneja

Ayush Juneja


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