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Old School Dad Deion Sanders Reveals He Gave His Kids a Much Needed Lesson About Money When They Were Young

Anushree Gupta

Old School Dad Deion Sanders Reveals He Gave His Kids a Much Needed Lesson About Money When They Were Young

Deion Sanders, known for his flamboyant style and success in both the NFL and MLB, has provided his children with a life of luxury. Yet, despite their privileged upbringing, Sanders has instilled important life values in them, including the importance of understanding the value of wealth.

Deion Sanders took a hands-on approach to teaching his kids about money, setting an example through his own actions and decisions. One notable aspect of Sanders’ approach is that he never provided his kids with an allowance. In a candid statement on the ‘Full Send Podcast’, Sanders revealed:

“No, they may not be coming for allowance. I don’t think they’ve ever gotten an allowance.”

Prime explained that his children have not yet reached a financial status where they can afford major expenses like buying their father a house. He quipped that they still lack the kind of “bag” necessary for such gestures, yet they never ask for a handout.

Sanders expressed pride in his children’s growing financial independence, and why wouldn’t he? Both Shilo and Shedeur have shown immense growth from their financially lucrative NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) deals. While the latter has amassed a valuation in NIL money of $4.6 million, Shilo’s valuation stands at $1.1 million.

Deion Sanders also believes that his kids’ tremendous growth and their entry into the NFL next year will aid them in acquiring assets like a house.

Deion Sanders Discusses Shedeur and Shilo’s Differing Spending Habits

Deion Sanders knows his kids like the back of his hand. During the same interview, he also offered insights into the spending habits of his sons, noting that they have begun earning substantial incomes, enabling them to afford a multitude of luxuries. Shedeur, in particular, enjoys spending his money on various extravagances, including vehicles and other indulgences.

In contrast, Shilo takes a more “conservative” approach to managing his finances. “Shilo’s very conservative. He don’t do too much with his (money)…but Shedeur don’t play,” Sanders said.

Notably, Shedeur’s success extends beyond the football field, as he currently holds the title of the highest-valued NIL player in college football. Despite criticisms related to nepotism, Shedeur has proven himself as a standout quarterback for the Buffaloes, securing lucrative deals with reputable brands such as Topps, Beats by Dre, Under Armour, Gatorade, and Mercedes-Benz.

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