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“Oregon Is Lethal, Bo Nix Is No Joke”: Deion Sanders Fan Stephen A. Smith Already Saw Colorado’s Loss Coming

Prasenjeet Singh

“Oregon Is Lethal, Bo Nix Is No Joke”: Deion Sanders Fan Stephen A. Smith Saw Colorado’s Loss Coming

Deion Sanders’ fairytale hype came to a sudden end after Colorado was handed an embarrassing loss in week 4. Surprisingly, it was an outcome that had been predicted by none other than Stephen A. Smith. The insights by Smith seemed to hold true as the game turned out to be extremely one-sided.

In his appearance on CNN before the Saturday matchup, Stephen A dished his raw thoughts on Oregon and their superstar quarterback Bo Nix. The odds were stacked against the Colorado Buffaloes who went into the game as underdog and the final scoreline clearly showed why that was the case.

Bo Nix Receives a Boost to His Heisman Ratings

Giving his views on CNN, Stephen A. Smith couldn’t help but voice his foresight on the Oregon vs. Colorado matchup. He stated, “Oregon is lethal. Bo Nix is no joke. They put up points in bunches. They were a top 10 nationally ranked team. Colorado has some issues defensively.” It seemed like Smith’s was quite accurate with his assessment. As the game unfolded, Oregon’s dominance was on full display.

Oregon was led by Bo Nix who has raised his stakes as a potential Heisman Trophy winner for 2023. Notably, Nix’s performance in Week 4 against the Buffaloes was exemplary. He completed 28 out of 33 pass attempts while amassing 276 yards and three touchdowns. He had one interception in the whole game.

This stellar display has boosted his chances in the Heisman race. He has now moved fourth in national rankings for Heisman odds as per BetMGM NFL odds. In the Pac-12, Nix now stands firmly among the top three, just behind Caleb Williams and Michael Penix Jr. Bo Nix has odds of +1200 to clinch the prestigious trophy.

Stephen A. Smith is Riding the Deion Sanders Hype Train

Stephen A. Smith is a devoted Deion Sanders fan. He didn’t stutter when it came to expressing his admiration for Coach Prime and his ambitious program. Smith’s loyalty to Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes project is real. He wholeheartedly supports the movement initiated by Coach Prime and Shedeur Sanders.

Smith totally acknowledged the substantial impact they’ve had, especially in terms of name, image, and likeness (NIL). He was asked in the interview on CNN, “Hey Stephen, is the influence all positive? I know you’re tight. You’ve already spoken eloquently and supported Deion Sanders.” The NFL analyst responded,

“What I can say is ‘those people can go to hell’. I mean we gotta stop this nonsense. College Football has been making money head over foot for decades. You’re looking at Shedeur Sanders, his son who’s the star quarterback and he’s worth over $5.1 million right now with NIL. We’re looking at programs getting money. We’re looking at coaches getting exorbitant amount of money.”

“When Prime Time Deion sanders walked in Colorado and said okay, these are the rules and we all know that i can give you incremental progress. I’m prime time, they’re going to judge me immediately. If I don’t succeed immediately I’m going to be out of it. People are going to judge me harshly. I’m inheriting a 1-11 program for crying out loud,” Smith added.

The Colorado Buffaloes are set to play USC in their next matchup. Whatever happens in that game and in the whole season up ahead, one thing is for sure – we’ll always find Stephen A. Smith backing Deion Sanders.

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