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Patrick Mahomes’ Biggest Rival Maxx Crosby Explains Why He Respects the “Sh*t Out Of” Kansas City

Aniket Srivastava

Patrick Mahomes’ Biggest Rival Maxx Crosby Explains Why He Respects the “Sh*t Out Of Them”

Ever since Patrick Mahomes took over the helm in Kansas City, a lot has changed in the National Football League. After five decades, the franchise managed to break the Super Bowl drought in 2019, and the trend didn’t stop there either. They went back-to-back in 2022 and 2023, threatening other teams’ legacies, especially those in the AFC West. Yet, amidst this rivalry, Maxx Crosby of the Raiders knows where the credit is due and isn’t shy of showing the two-time MVP respect.

During his appearance on Julian Edelman’s “Games With Names” podcast, Crosby, without skipping a beat, made it known that he hates the Chiefs more than other teams. They have won three Super Bowls and appeared in four in the past six years, and the star DE managed to win just two of the ten games he played against them. But despite all this, he still has respect for them.

Maxx Crosby enjoys competing against the Chiefs and understands that many teams hate them due to their dominance. However, he likes the challenge and respects their status as back-to-back champions. He also admires their playing style and how they carry themselves. Crosby feels he can’t criticize them until his team has beaten them on a constant basis.

“I hate the Chiefs, (but) they (have) earned it. They are best in the league, three Super Bowls. Everybody has their own opinions, they hate certain things about the Chiefs but I respect the s*** out of them. Until we do something about it, beat em’, I have to tip my cap to ’em.”

Until their Week 16 game in the last season, Crosby had just one win in his nine matchups against Patrick Mahomes. His first victory came in 2020, following which he lost six back-to-back games. However, the Raiders surprised the Chiefs, with a 20-14 win in their last matchup, breaking their losing streak and giving a clear message that they are still their biggest rivals.

Maxx Crosby’s Defensive Dominance

Maxx Crosby has 21 solo tackles, 12 assists, and 5.0 sacks in the last 10 matchups with the Chiefs, as per Statmuse. Moreover, with his team’s impressive performances in the last four games of the 2023 season, the Men in Black finally highlighted what the Raiders might be capable of in the coming years.

In Week 15, the Raiders defeated their other division rival, the Los Angeles Chargers, by a massive 63-21 score. Next came the Chiefs in Week 16 during Christmas, who surrendered as the Raiders maintained the lead in all four quarters to win the game 20-14. In week 18, they defeated the Broncos 27-14, and ended the season with an 8-9 record, right behind the eventual champions.

Perhaps they have managed to crack the code, and Crosby believes that when facing players like Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert, it’s important to keep the pressure on and not give them space to make big plays. He even mentioned how they kept ‘preaching’ this plan about not letting star players ‘breathe’, which eventually aided them later in the season.

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