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Patrick Mahomes Openly Takes Credit For Getting Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Together

Ayush Juneja

Patrick Mahomes Openly Takes Credit For Getting Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Together

Everyone knows that Travis Kelce shot his shot when he went to Taylor Swift’s concert with a friendship bracelet. He even professed his desire to get to know the singer on social media and his podcast. However, Patrick Mahomes recently shared that he is the matchmaker who brought the couple together.

Mahomes appeared on the Pat McAfee Show and stated that he deserves some credit for bringing the power couple together. He revealed that Kelce attended the first Swift Concert upon his invitation. The two-time league MVP even encouraged his teammate to take his shot, which worked wonderfully in Kelce’s favor. Mahomes said,

“I like to take some of the credit. I was the one who invited Travis to the first Taylor concert. He was sitting in my suite so I felt like I was the matchmaker. I had some input in there as well– I was like dudejust go for it. Travis does it and he is a great dude and I am glad it’s all worked out for the best.”

“I like to take some of the credit because I was the one who invited Travis to his first Taylor concert..

He’s a great dude and I’m glad it’s all worked out for the best” ~ @PatrickMahomes

— Pat McAfee (@PatMcAfeeShow) May 23, 2024


Fans especially Swifties were happy with Patrick for playing the role of the matchmaker. They were appreciative of his efforts. A fan wrote that Tay-Tay is the main reason they tune into the Pat McAfee Show and called the former Indy punter a Swiftie. Others called Mahomes the MVP of Travis’ life and asserted that Patrick deserves more applause. Fans said,

Great job Pat

— Paula (@SpinnerPaula116) May 23, 2024

Another chimed in and added,

— kingmarvin (@kingmarvin70) May 23, 2024

A fan quipped

more tayblessings to pat

— Matilda Näslund (@NaslundMatilda) May 23, 2024

Someone commented,

Taylor is the reason I listen to Pat McAfee and glad to see he’s not disappointing on his reporting – he’s an honorary Swiftie.

— The 4th Fox Sister (@logotrix) May 23, 2024

Travis and Mahomes have been there for each other from the beginning of the chiefs dynasty. And Kelce’s fate really changed once Mahomes came to town, as this fan points out:

Patty M being the MVP in Travis’s life!

— marandahealy (@marandahealy) May 23, 2024

After kickstarting a beautiful relationship, Mahomes has been busy cultivating a better relationship with Taylor it seems. And every chance he gets, instead of shying away from the question, he appreciates the powerhouse of talent, that is Taylor Swift. 

Patrick Mahomes and Taylor Swift’s Relationship

It’s no secret that Mahomes and Kelce share a special bond both on and off the pitch. So it’s not surprising to see Patrick invested in Travis’ relationship with Taylor. He is doing everything in his power to help his friend have a successful relationship and over time, he has grown closer to Tay-Tay because of the Chiefs Tight End.

As per an X account Kelce Brothers, the 13-time Grammy winner and the 3-time Super Bowl winner attended a fundraiser for Mahomes’ 15 and The Mahomies in Las Vegas. Tay-Tay helped raise $80k for the event. Patrick is in awe of Taylor’s work ethic and inquisitive mind.


Taylor & Travis at Patrick Mahomes’ fundraiser for 15 and The Mahomies last night in Las Vegas. Taylor donated 4 Eras Tour Tickets, and they sold for $80,000. ##traviskelce #taylorswift #swift #swiftie

— Kelce Brothers (@kelcebrothers) April 28, 2024

As per the Independent, Mahomes asserted that despite being new to football, the Pop-icon is eager to learn everything about the game, always asking the right questions, and likes to know the thinking behind every play call. He appreciates the connection between her association with the Chiefs and the spike in their worldwide popularity. And contrary to belief, her presence has not been a distraction.

Mahomes’ wife Brittany too has become a part of Swift’s inner circle during the football season and the two have been spotted many times hanging together. This relationship sure will be one of the biggest storylines of this decade. And pop culture is here to witness. 

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