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“Probably 8th, 9th Grade”: Marshawn Lynch Drops Huge Revelations About When He Started Smoking Cannabis & How it Helped His NFL Career

Ayush Juneja

Probably 8th, 9th Grade": Marshawn Lynch Drops Huge Revelations About When he Started Smoking Cannabis & How it Helped His NFL Career

Marshawn Lynch does not hesitate to drop a truth bomb or reveal a damning secret. The man who once told Shannon Sharpe that he only considered Russel Wilson just a teammate and didn’t even have his number revealed details of his Cannabis use in the same interview.

In an episode of Club Shay Shay Podcast, Marshawn Lynch reveals when his love affair with cannabis started and how it eventually helped in his recovery after suffering multiple injuries during his playing days.

Marshawn Lynch Drops Secret to Bouncing Back Quicker

Lynch had a respectable career in the NFL playing for teams like the Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks, and Oakland Raiders. His crowing moment came in 2014 with the Seahawks when he won a Super Bowl.

Marshawn on the latest episode of Club Shay Shay reveals that good old Cannabis is his secret to recovery. It was his cousin who introduced him to weed back when he was in 8th or 9th grade. But it was later on in his life, that he realized the importance of weed in helping his body recover and get him into a better shape and place. About that Lynch said,

” I first tried it in like 8th or 9th grade but getting into it you know, when I figured out how it was helping me recover and get my body right, it was then I probably started blowing heavy, probably like the end of the senior year at high school. Trainers want to figure out what I do to get out there and run like I run. I tell them to look What I do is get down and I blow me some bud. It puts me in a relaxed state of mind and gives me a mindset where I can psych myself out.”

Lynch says there are only a few short windows for a player in his playing days and you have to keep yourself right during those windows. Having a good mindset helps when it is time to turn down those windows when you are not at your peak and just winding down. Lynch even has his own Cannabis business called ‘Dodi Blunts.’

Despite having a pretty remarkable career, his time in the NFL might always be marred by a period in his life when he ran into some legal troubles. He spoke to Sharpe about those dark times and how the media villainized him and turned on him completely, leading him to take some drastic measures.

Why Lynch Distanced Himself From the Media

In his interview on Club Shay Shay, Marshawn reveals that he decided to boycott the media and stopped speaking on the record. In 2013 Lynch was the Seahawks’ star running back but he stopped speaking to the media on record. Now, many years later, Lynch has given his reasons for avoiding the media.

Lynch says after his arrest for concealed carry and following suspensions, he was ostracized by the media. Speaking to Sharpe, Marshawn threw some light on why he decided to dodge the media and keep his presence a bare minimum in it. About that, he said,

I’m talking to these media guys or whatever, and they’re like.., “Oh yeah, you’re like the greatest thing since sliced bread, you know they (NFL) had nothing like you since Thurman Thomas..” and blah blah. And then I got in some real trouble, had to face some adversity and then it was like..”Oh, I knew he was a thug! It was only a matter of time..” And you know, I was like Damn!”

He highlighted how quickly the media turned on him, applauding him and his game to suddenly questioning his character and labeling him a “thug.” So he decided to step back and not engage. If he didn’t say anything, nobody could twist his words to paint their own narratives about him.

With his many business ventures, including the cannabis line, Marshawn Lynch is doing better than ever, and he is not shying from spilling all the tea from his time in the NFL and giving us all an inside look.

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Ayush Juneja


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