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“Relevant But Never Elite”: Colin Cowherd Introduces the Concept of “Dak Dilemma” Which the Cowboys Have Been Suffering From

Anushree Gupta

Jerry Jones Criticized for Weak Strategy in NFL Draft 2024 As Cowboys Keeps Dak Prescott Waiting

Dak Prescott is on the verge of securing a massive deal which may or may not be with the Dallas Cowboys. But sports commentator Colin Cowherd believes the Dallas Cowboys are trapped in a vicious cycle with their star quarterback. Recently on ‘The Herd’, the analyst introduced the concept of the “Dak Dilemma,” which he argues is hindering the Cowboys, keeping them relevant but never elite.

Cowherd stated four critical factors in evaluating quarterbacks- productivity, success (both in the regular season and postseason), reliability in health and availability, and leverage. According to him, Dak Prescott excels in all these areas. He is productive, with a record of 73-41, and reliable, maintaining good health. His leverage in contract negotiations is substantial, given the lack of powerful quarterbacks and the Cowboys’ reliance on him.

But as Cowherd puts it, Despite Prescott’s solid performance, the Cowboys have struggled to achieve elite status. Why is that?

Cowherd describes this as the “Dak Dilemma”. This means Dak Prescott as the Cowboys quarterback is arguably a good option who commands great money but doesn’t elevate the team to what it takes in the NFL.

“What do you do when a quarterback mostly fills those four boxes but he’s good, and you have to pay him great money? You will become exactly what the Cowboys have been under Dak – relevant and never elite,” Cowherd remarked.


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With Prescott entering the final year of his four-year, $160 million contract signed in 2021, the Cowboys face a challenging decision. The “Dak Dilemma” highlights the tension between paying Prescott what he deserves and the team’s inability to transcend into an elite status. Is this what has been holding back the Cowboys from extending his contract?

Dak Prescott’s Standing in Cowboys’ Dak Dilemma Decoded

Dak Prescott’s name is one of the most coveted names in the league, which has kept the Dallas Cowboys relevant. However, his continuous efforts have failed to take the Cowboys to an elite status. In the 2023 season, Prescott ranked among the league leaders in passing yards (4,516) and touchdowns (36). His impressive statistics showed his undeniable talent and value to the Cowboys.

However, football is a team sport, and success is measured not only in individual highs but also in the team’s achievements. Despite Dak Prescott’s remarkable numbers, the Cowboys failed to secure a playoff victory, a bitter reality that has haunted owner Jerry Jones and Cowboys fans for over two decades.

Therefore, the Cowboys’ inability to advance deep into the postseason despite high expectations has cast a shadow over Prescott’s tenure, fueling debates about his ability to lead the team to championships.

With his contract negotiations looming, NFL reporter Tom Pelissero believes Prescott could become the first $60 million-per-year quarterback. However, his place in the team is still unconfirmed with the lack of an updated contract, and it might all be the fault of the “Dak dilemma.”

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