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Ryan Clark Trolls Stephen A Smith For Hating On the Dallas Cowboys Because Of His “Lady Friends”

Yashika Garg

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Stephen A Smith is known to be a staunch hater of the Dallas Cowboys, and he has seemingly revealed the real reason for his undeniable hate. It involves girls and Ryan Clark could not help but troll Stephen A for it.

During his live broadcasting of the MNF between the Cowboys and the Chargers, Stephen A Smith was asked why he hated the franchise. In response, Smith revealed that it was the fanbase he hates the most, and he has had some female friends who were Cowboys fans, which he didn’t like.

Stephen A Smiths’ Hatred for Cowboys Related to Heartbreak

Stephen A. Smith, a renowned sports analyst, is infamous for his strong and long-standing disdain for the Dallas Cowboys. During ESPN’s Cowboys-Chargers pregame broadcast, Stephen A. Smith was once again asked about his apparent hatred for the team, a subject of enduring humor. Smith attributed his disdain for the Cowboys to having “lady friends that were Cowboys fans.”

But this time, he also delved into “his first heartbreak,” thanks to Dallas. Apparently, in high school, he fell for a girl who was a genuine Cowboys fan. This first love interest left an indelible mark on Smith, particularly her habit of wearing a No. 33 Cowboys jersey. His heartbreak, combined with a Cowboys playoff loss in 1985, solidified his dislike for the team.

However, the conversation turned humorous when co-host Ryan Clark quipped that these women must have visited the White House. Clark said, “They must have gone to the White House,” to which Scott Van Pelt chimed in, saying, “That’s not in Washington, DC.” This remark sent Smith, Clark, and Marcus Spears into fits of laughter.

So, it’s not wrong to say, that Stephen A. Smith’s famous loathing for the Cowboys is a culmination of personal heartbreak intertwined with his first romantic relationship and a disappointing playoff game. But it gave fans exactly what they were looking for… a moment to tease ‘the Smith’.

What is the “White House” That Burned Smith’s Heart?

As Smith, Clark, and Marcus joked about the ‘white house’ many fans became curious as to what was so special about it. And it seems the “White House” reference this trio mentioned, was not the presidential residence in Washington, D.C., of course, but a notorious house in Dallas. The house is generally associated with the wild parties of the 1990s Cowboys. Later once the laughter subsided, Scott Van Pelt chimed in, clarifying the location.

Stephen A. Smith explained that the women he dated were in New York, implying they weren’t connected to the Dallas White House. The playful banter added to the ongoing comedy surrounding Smith’s supposed hatred for the Cowboys. This lighthearted exchange showcased Smith’s longstanding “beef” with the Cowboys, which can serve as a recurring source of entertainment.

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