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Shannon Sharpe Calls Out Marvin Harrison Jr. Over Fanatics Debacle

Ayush Juneja

Shannon Sharpe Calls Out Marvin Harrison Jr. Over Fanatics Debacle

Marvin Harrison Jr. was possibly the best receiver picked in the 2024 draft. Though praised for his talent, the former Buckeyes star has come under fire for doing things his way. He offended both fans and pundits, for example, by refusing to sign a contract with EA to appear on College Football or Madden, skipping the Combine and Pro Day, and now backing out of his Fanatics contract.

Recent reports suggest that Harrison Jr. has allegedly violated the terms of a one-year contract with Fanatics, which allowed them to sell his memorabilia. Consequently, the company is now suing him for breach of contract, and former NFL star Shannon Sharpe couldn’t help but call Harrison Jr. out for his antics.

During a recent episode of NightCap, Sharpe made it very clear that it’s hard for him to fathom Fanatics would sue Harrison Jr. without a just cause. While Marvin’s camp denies signing such a contract, Shannon mentions that the sports apparel giant likely has evidence to the contrary.

Sharpe also asserted that while he respects the star wideout’s ability to do things his way, he can’t back out of a contract he agreed to. He must honor it.

As per CBS Sports, Marvin Harrison Jr. has not yet signed a preliminary licensing agreement with the NFLPA, which allows the league to profit from the player’s name and likeness. Notably, the NFL has a contract in place with Fanatics, granting them exclusive rights to sell merchandise. Any player who signs that contract allows the retail giant to sell his merch and other related items.

As MHJ hasn’t signed this contract, Fanatics can’t sell his jerseys and other related items. But Fanatics are not suing him for this, as signing the licensing agreement is not mandatory.

Instead, they are alleging that Harrison Jr. has failed to honor a contract he signed last May, valued at $1 million. Interestingly, this may also explain why the rookie receiver was absent from a recent Fanatics event.

NFL Rookies Enjoy Day Out With Legends

Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin recently organized a rookie breakfast with several aspiring talents, including Drake Maye, Caleb Williams, Bo Nix, Jayden Daniels, and Brock Bowers. At the event, they had the opportunity to meet and talk shop with Tom Brady and rapper Jay-Z. Notably, Marvin Harrison Jr. was absent from this gathering.

Players are required to join the NFLPA and the Union under a collective bargaining agreement, however, they are not required to sign licensing deals. Marvin Harrison Jr.’s decision to opt out of this requirement seems to align with the principles of the NIL in college football. It has given players the power to earn money from their name and build their brand.

Harrison Jr. is well within his rights to decide what he can do with his name. He may negotiate a different contract, but sooner or later, his off-field antics will interfere with on-field performances. He is already missing out on valuable experiences, something a player his age should be keen to get.

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Ayush Juneja

Ayush Juneja


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