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Shannon Sharpe Picks TJ Watt Over Micah Parsons As a Better Linebacker After Cowboys Loss to 49ers

Ayush Juneja

Shannon Sharpe Picks TJ Watt Over Micah Parsons As a Better Linebacker After Cowboys Loss to 49ers

Micah Parsons has been able to establish himself as the best in the business in just 3 years. But after the poor showing in MNF against the dominant San Francisco 49ers, Shannon Sharpe doesn’t agree with the assessment. He feels that the Steelers’  TJ Watt could easily be more productive than Parsons in the Cowboys’ defense and as per him, the numbers back it up.

In the latest episode of Nightcap, Sharpe and Ochocinco cooked a hypothetical recipe of swapping the two of the biggest names in NFL defense but both reached differing conclusions.

Shannon Sharpe’s Unique Solution for Cowboys Woes?

Parsons along with his QB Dak Prescott came under scrutiny for their below-par performance against their bitter rivals 49ers. Micah didn’t impact the game in any way whatsoever and couldn’t stop the Cowboy’s defense from being overrun by the Purdy and Co. In the latest episode of Nightcap, Sharpe presented Chad Ochocinco with a scenario where he replaced Parsons with Watt and presented that Watt could be a better fit in the Cowboys’ defense.

“I am going to take T.J. Watt. In the last 5 years on what he has been doing and I am going to put him in the Cowboys. And I will take Micah Parsons and will put him in the Steelers. Watt is better than Parsons. Micah has been in the league for the past three years and T.J. has been kicking down the door every day.”


He says even though he loves Micah, his eyes tell him that right now T.J. Watt is better. He has better sack numbers. In the last 3 years, Watt has 36 sacks in 30 games compared to Micah’s 30.5 sacks in 38 games during the same time. Chad disagreed with him and said that going by just an eye test, they are both phenomenal. To which Sharpe said, “We judging a beauty contest. We can’t have two Miss Americas. You got to pick one.”

‘Parsons or Watt’ is Like ‘Rihanna or Beyonce’

Chad says he likes Parsons but that doesn’t mean he has anything against T.J. Watt. He compares the situation to comparing Beyonce and Rihanna or Jordan or Lebron. He said,

“I like Micah Parsons. That’s nothing against T.J. Watt. That’s like saying Rihanna and Beyonce. Either way, you can’t go wrong. I got one better for you- Michael Jordan or Lebron? Either way, which way you go, you still can’t go wrong. You are still right and it’s  win-win either way.”

Parsons had a lackluster game against the side to which they have lost 3 consecutive times. He has been called delusional by fans for saying after the game that the 49ers aren’t at a higher level than the Cowboys and the score doesn’t tell the whole picture.

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Ayush Juneja

Ayush Juneja


Ayush Juneja is an NFL Journalist at the SportsRush. New to Gridiron, he has been following the sport for past 9 months and has authored over 400 articles so far. As a sports enthusiast and a true adrenaline junkie, he finds the physical side of sports to be more thrilling and engaging. A big fan of Liverpool F.C., he now roots for another red team in San Francisco 49ers and would love to see a match at Levi's Stadium and Michigan Stadium. American culture and politics fascinates him and would love to experience it first hand.

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