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Skip Bayless Gives Up Hope on the Dallas Cowboys as He Predicts a Pathetic Season Ahead

Anushree Gupta

Skip Bayless Gives Up Hope on the Dallas Cowboys as He Predicts a Pathetic Season Ahead

The Dallas Cowboys fanbase has long waited for a successful playoff run, but in the past three decades, their hopes have been dashed. Considering the laxity, the fan sentiment for America’s Team recently faced a major blow as one of their most ardent supporters, Skip Bayless, expressed his disenchantment with the team’s prospects in 2024. He went as far as to predict that Jerry Jones’ team won’t even have a winning season.

Skip Bayless is going against the Cowboys, a team he has long held close to his heart, due to the lack of progress in recent years and the Cowboys’ tardiness in free agency and the NFL draft. Reflecting on the upcoming season, Bayless did not hold back his disappointment.

 “I cannot tell a lie. I wish I could, but I cannot tell a lie. I can’t fake it. At this point, I’m sorry. I just have to be honest because I’ve seen enough; I have suffered enough. No more Cowboys stars in my eyes,” Bayless said. “No more; just wait until next year. No more: Super Bowl, here they come. No more; in Jerry I trust. The Dallas Cowboys aren’t making next year’s playoffs.”

Bayless boldly predicted that the Dallas Cowboys would not make next year’s playoffs, forecasting a disappointing 8-9 record. His somber outlook didn’t end there, as he further degraded the figures.

He suggested that the team could even lose to teams like the Atlanta Falcons on the road and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home, bringing his prediction down to a bleak 6-11 record. This drastic downgrade caught many fans off guard, especially those who still held onto some hope for a turnaround.

Fans React to Skip Bayless’ Disillusioned Take on Dallas Cowboys

In the aftermath of Skip Bayless’s surprising shift from ardent supporter to disillusioned critic of the Dallas Cowboys, fans have reacted with a mix of emotions, ranging from disappointment to defiance. The sportscaster’s candid remarks have struck a chord within the fanbase, and the mounting frustration is as clear as the sky. See for yourselves:

This offseason, the Dallas Cowboys have notably refrained from making substantial acquisitions or re-signing key players, opting instead to rely on internal development. They were thought to depend on the draft class to add to the roster, but nothing has been able to please the fans.

The absence of significant moves has raised doubts about the team’s readiness to contend for a Super Bowl title, especially in contrast to the ambitious statements made by the organization over and over.

In the midst of uncertainty, one thing remains clear: the passion and fervor of Cowboys fans persist, and spirited discussions like these are nothing new in the league. Therefore, as the team prepares to embark on another season, they might be able to promise a thrill.

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Anushree Gupta


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