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Some Teams Are ‘Vehemently Opposed’ to Voting for Tom Brady as the Raiders Minority Owner; Insider Reveals

Suresh Menon

Some Teams Are 'Vehemently Opposed' to Voting for Tom Brady as the Raiders Minority Owner; Insider Reveals

Since TB12 fans heard that Tom Brady wants to own a minority share in the Raiders, they have been waiting in excitement for D-day. However, quite unfortunately, all they have gotten so far is a ‘De-lay.’ Jokes aside, the deal’s slow pace has annoyed most, although NFL Insider Tom Pelisser claimed that Brady is facing systematic opposition in the deal that has halted his progress.

It’s very rare to see an owner of an NFL team being employed by a broadcasting company. It’s even rarer to see an owner of an NFL team harboring aspirations to play for the team he owns. While one might argue that Brady would barely be owning 0.5 to 1 percent, a conflict of interest and risk for privacy leaks is still the same.

As a part owner, Brady would be joining multiple meetings with other owners. Sensitive terms are discussed at such meetings and Brady poses a massive data leak risk since he can slip up and divulge a few confidential details on air. Hence as revealed by NFL Insider Tom Pelissero on The Rich Eisen Show, teams are “vehemently opposed” to have Brady as a partner for these reasons.

“There are some teams, I’ve talked to them, that are vehemently opposed to Tom Brady being an equity partner, being a part owner of a team and broadcasting games,”

“They simply don’t want to have it, they’re not going to let him into production meetings, they don’t want somebody on talking about their team who’s the owner of another team.”

With an NFL ownership meeting taking place in the coming week, this might be Brady’s last chance to convince them as the next meeting of this nature takes place in October, once the season begins. Yet, truth be told, the chances look slim and the fellow owners are not one to budge from their stance. Hence it’s unlikely that we will ever get to see Brady as a part owner of the Raiders.

What’s Next For Tom Brady?

With the Raiders ownership dream drifting away, Brady can fully focus his attention on his Fox broadcasting role. Having signed a 10-year deal worth $375 million, Brady is the highest-paid broadcasting personnel in America. His stint starts this season as he makes his broadcasting debut in the Week 1 clash between the Browns and the Cowboys.

One of the key reasons for Brady making this unexpected career switch was his desire to be as close to football as possible. However, what would have kept him closer to his beloved game was owning a piece of the team.

Still, having signed a 10-year deal with Fox, and assuming the other owners don’t change their stance, it’s unlikely to see Brady owning the Raiders before 10 years. That is unless the GOAT gives up his deal with Fox midway and focuses on his ownership deal.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see how Brady navigates this dilemma in the coming future.

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