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“Sorry You Got Drafted to Such a Horrific Org”: NFL World Apologizes to Jerry Jeudy After His Broncos Farewell Tribute

Ayush Juneja

Months After Signing $15,190,000 Rookie Deal, Jerry Jeudy Promised to Give His Mom a Brand New Mansion

The Broncos are clearing house after failing to make playoffs for 7th straight year. Justin Simmons, Russell Wilson, Chris Manhertz, and Jerry Jeudy are all now released or traded. Jeudy, posted a video on X(formerly Twitter) to thank the Broncos fans and organization for his time with the franchise and all the fans were saying the same thing, that he joined an incompetent and stagnant organization.


Jeudy, who joined Denver in 2020, had only 758 yards with 2 Touchdowns and was traded to the Browns yesterday for their 2024 5th-round pick and 2024 6th-round pick (#202). He will earn a salary of $12,987,000 annually as per Spotrac. Fans expressed their reactions to the trade and Jerry’s video thanking the club despite them wasting his talent.

Fans were apologetic to him for being drafted by such an incompetent organization. They asserted that given his time in Colorado and how they traded him, he could have easily criticized them but instead chose to take the high road and show them respect which apparently, they didn’t give him. Fans said,

Another chimed in and wrote,

A fan quipped,

Someone stated,

A user commented,

Others said,

While Jeudy braces for his new life in Cleveland and will be happy to get a fresh start, he was criticized for his attitude and performances in Denver last season.

Jerry Jeudy Gets Defended by Broncos Vet

Jeudy got the short end of the stick for mediocre production. He had only 758 yards with 2 Touchdowns on 54 receptions, which is a letdown from the 2022 season when he had nearly 1000 yards and found the end zone 6 times. He got into a war of words with Steve Smith who called him a mentally unstable average receiver incapable of handling constructive criticism. The new Browns receiver in reply stated that people should look at the game film and not just the stats as per 9 News.

He wasn’t shy to show his frustration on the sidelines when he didn’t get the ball. Former Broncos Cornerback Chris Harris came to the defense of Jeudy who has been called a trash receiver after his transfer to Cleveland. He said anyone referring to the Broncos wideout as rubbish should watch the game film and see it’s hard to produce when the QB is not capable of finding you.

The Broncos are clearing house and Courtland Sutton could be next on the chopping block. They already have 8 draft picks and will be hoping to get more as they aim to turn the franchise around. Given they only have $27.47 million in cap space, and they owe Russell Wilson more than $35 million every year for the next three seasons, the draft seems a better and cheaper option for them. A new QB is a priority and options like J.J. McCarthy and Bo Nix are worth exploring.

For the Browns, the trade might work out well as they go into the new season with offensive weapons like Jeudy, Amari Cooper, Njoku, Chubb, and Elijah Moore.

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Ayush Juneja

Ayush Juneja


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