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Jerome Bettis Weighs in on Russell Wilson & Justin Fields Competing For the QB1 Role in Pittsburgh

Aditya Rajput

Jerome Bettis Weighs in on Russell Wilson & Justin Fields Competing For the QB1 Role in Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Steelers have made some fantastic trades, including getting Russell Wilson on their roster. On top of it, they brought in Justin Fields, and the whole off-season training camp is geared up to be a competition for the starting spot between the QBs. With the kind of QB room the Steelers are building, they are geared up for a great season and Steelers legend, Jerome Bettis agrees.

Bettis appeared on the Rich Eisen Show and spoke about the kind of effect the two QBs will have. Moreover, he gave his two cents on how this kind of environment will invariably increase the quality of competition in the locker room, saying

I just think you got two quarterbacks who are hungry. Both guys have something to prove both guys want to be out there uh you know running the show.” 

The Steelers legend also spoke about how a competition between the two QBs is beneficial for the organization. Not only will the coaching staff get to see how both of these players could fit into the plans, but the Steelers can create two separate weapons to use in different scenarios. Furthermore, Bettis believes this competition will have a positive impact on the locker room.

Justin Fields vs Russell Wilson: the fallout?

While having two established QBs might be a nightmare for some, Bettis believes it’ll be the Broncos’ saving grace. The legend spoke about how seeing two QBs competing will motivate others to compete for their spots in the team.

Bettis also claimed that will result in the best team formation, as the offensive unit will seek inspiration from the fact that their potential leaders are getting to a higher level. With such staunch competition, the finished result will be a perfectly crafted team.

Interestingly, such a QB competition has given Bettis a lot of hope about the Steelers’ chances in the upcoming season. While speaking on the Rich Eisen show, he mentioned that the franchise hasn’t had a star quarterback in a while. In fact, the legend mentioned that while the Steelers’ defense has always been up to the mark, the offensive end needs to better itself.

However, he now believes that one of the two QBs has the capability to become the next big name for the Steelers. Hence, with Bettis’ expectations high, this off-season training camp is going to serve the purpose of being a deciding ground.

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