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“Super Bowl Is the Expectation”: Analyst Sets Her Priorities Straight on Aaron Rodgers’ 2024 Mission

Aditya Rajput

Aaron Rodgers

In the entire AFC conference, the New York Jets and their star QB, Aaron Rodgers, have a lot on their plates. A-Rod played just four snaps last year, and for a team that hasn’t seen better days in a very long time, the fanbase will be expecting the playmaker to step it up. Considering the contract the Jets agreed to with Rodgers, this expectation is more than necessary. Interestingly, Alex Curry and Carmen Vitali of Fox Sports Radio share the same sentiment.

During a recent episode of their show, Curry and Vitali discussed the kind of impact a player like Aaron Rodgers can have on the team. While he has proven his mettle in the past, Curry did not want to set any unrealistic expectations for him.

After all, Rodgers couldn’t even play a full game for the Jets last season. The duo also discussed how much is at stake for Rodgers this season. Considering what the club has given up in order to acquire their shot-caller from Green Bay, Vitali feels that the star QB must set his eyes on a playoff appearance this season.

“Super Bowl is the expectation for the New York Jets right now. Like anything less than an actual playoff run is going to be catastrophic not even bad catastrophic for the New York Jets. Because of what they gave up to get Rodgers,” Vitali said.

Vitali also made it clear that Rodgers is aware of the repercussions. She spoke about how Rodgers genuinely believes that he and the coaching staff around him might get fired if they fail to lead the Jets to the promised land. And this might not be too far from the truth.

Additionally, the analyst duo discussed that if Rodgers doesn’t lead the team to the playoffs, the money spent on his contract would be excessive.

The star quarterback needs to prove to both his fans and his franchise the dominance he has been known for year after year, despite his age. The added pressure also emerges from the fact that the Jets’ overall record throughout the years has been abysmal.

Is Aaron Rodgers Truly the Answer for the NY Jets?

The Jets traded for Rodgers because of his proficiency as a QB, not just in regular games but in playoffs. He has been able to take a team like the Green Bay Packers to the Super Bowl and succeed.

Rodgers’ new team expects the same, considering they haven’t won a Super Bowl since the moon landing and also currently hold the longest playoff droughts in the league. However, with his injury last year and an age that shows no signs of slowing down, many are skeptical. Therefore, Alex Curry stressed that they’re not going to hold any expectations for Rodgers until he at least plays a few games.

“I’m having zero expectations until I see at least one full game with Aaron Rodgers. Four snaps is the sample size we have,” she said.

With the four-time MVP padding up again for the Jets, it only remains to be seen if he’ll be able to take them to the promised land. However, if he falls short, it will also be interesting to see how the organization reacts. Nevertheless, it will be a season filled with uncertainty.

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