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Texas Resident Randi Mahomes Expresses Desire To Move In With Son Patrick Mahomes In Kansas City

Aniket Srivastava

Texas Resident Randi Mahomes Expresses Desire To Move In With Son Patrick Mahomes In Kansas City

The Chiefs’ superstar, Patrick Mahomes, was raised in Texas and is now miles away from his mother as he is busy building his dynasty. Now that Patrick Mahomes has his own beautiful family with two kids, his mother, Randi Mahomes, surely misses them. And it looks like she’s even interested in moving in with her son. 

Randi Mahomes has been living in Texas for her entire life and is quite comfortable there. Like many Americans, she knows the neighborhood and her friends live nearby. However, what she misses the most is her family, especially her two sons, Patrick and Jackson Mahomes, who currently live in Kansas City.

In a recent interview with Kent Hance, Randi opened up about her desire to move to Kansas City, as it has become tough to spend quality time with her kids because of the distance. She stated,

“Now with a granddaughter, you know, it’s pulling me a little bit towards her. And just as kind of being more together because when I do visit Kansas City for a game, it’s fast and furious. And so I would like to you know, I love my family. My children are my life and they have been since I had Patrick, but I would like to be closer.”

She mentioned how everyone asks her why she’s still in Texas and not living with his son. Moreover, with Patrick Mahomes having two kids, Sterling and Bronze, she is more in favor of leaving Texas to spend time with her grandchildren. 

Home Game Visits Aren’t Enough for Randi Mahomes

Randi Mahomes often visits to watch Patrick’s NFL home games at Arrowhead Stadium. However, he is a busy man leading a top team in the NFL. He has to make himself available for various occasions, and the fans expect a lot from him. So Randi now believes that she shares her son with the world, which is why they don’t get one-on-one family time. 

Patrick Mahomes is already being called a generational talent. He has been playing for the Kansas City Chiefs since the last seven years and has led his side to four Super Bowl appearances, winning three of them. Moreover, Patrick signed a 10-year, $450 million in 2020 with the Chiefs, that keeps him with the team until the 2031 NFL season.

The 28-year-old star quarterback isn’t leaving Kansas City anytime soon, and it’s possible that even after he retires from NFL, he makes it his permanent base. So, for Randi Mahomes, moving to Kansas City might solve all her problems, and Patrick would be more than happy to have his mother by his side all the time.

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